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Raise a complaint re: waiting time after a GP a referall


Hi, all.

I have had a look through the labyrinth of NHS pages for an answer; to no avail.

Is there an online way to raise a complaint about excessive waiting time [ > 18 weeks] for an appointment after a refreall>

My local NHS trust is Mid Essex

The people I have spoken to on the phone have always been very good, I get the feeling they are as frustrated as myself. Such a shame and an awful position for them to have to deal with. Today is 30 July, the referral was submitted February, so well over the 18 weeks.

Any guidance would be gratefully received.


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Try PALS (Patient Liaison Service) at the hospital you are being treated at, their phone number should either be in The Phone Book or ask the hospital switchboard to put you through. Another line of action is the local Clinical Commissioning Group, again contact through the hospital. All the best. Take care, Lizzy x

It's not usually possible to resolve this yourself, but if you know the details of the department and telephone number of the clinic you are to attend, there is no harm at all in calling to check when you might now be seen, and you can, at the same time, point out that you have waited for more than 18 weeks. You are so right when you speak of the frustrations that nearly everyone seems to be experiencing with the NHS at the moment, from the patient through GPs to the hospital and consultants. Waiting times have unfortunately become very 'flexible', with the seeming inability of our government to properly fund our care so that we can be seen in a timely manner. Everything NHS is creaking at the seams.

If you can't resolve this via a conversation with the department concerned, the best way to try to resolve this might just be to go back to your GP who is the 'go-between' in the process of a referral to a hospital, with the power to push on your behalf to get you seen.

It's even possible that your referral has slipped entirely through the cracks. Several members of my family never ever received the hospital out-patient appointments they were due, and had to start the process with their GPs all over again.

Don't think that you are 'bothering' your GP. I worked in surgeries for many years and this was one of the most common things we had to deal with, even in times before the NHS was in such stress.

No longer do Surgeries work like this or hospitals [ See full time specialist in charge when registered in & investigations complete ] No longer as the admin Surgeries do this according to direction[ remits] from cash strapped [ inappropriately funded LAs ]GP sold their souls to who contracts them & now directs often with no provision .They have not the Specialists training? So making me - change surgeries many over 10 x re non transferral of hospital appts heart - urology when moved even though had cardiac arrest 7 yrs prior.

What happens now Choose & Book is used by them not you & Registrar in hospital is [ really most inexperienced Dr] repeating what you tell them to block so whole process doesn't start again if lucky.

Have been told by Primary Care GPs [ fundholders no longer?] they don't deal with cardiac or respiratory so allow A&Es to be closed as have not taken a Hippocratic oath so can work in both systems public & private not allowing second opinions or claims . Ethical?

Thank you for clearing that up skybluepink. I bow to your superior knowledge! Best disregard my advice then, AlphaOmega01, although this does seem to work quite well in our own area health authority!

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