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have to re use medical equipment

I have the ace procedure and have had it from meany years from about 13 years old i am now 23 and have had no cheek ups with it for about 10 years maybe more im sure its meant to be keep a eye on ones a year or so anyway the wash out bags i use the the district nurse have been really bad i ask them to order me some about 5 months ago i had to get in contact with them after about 2 months as by this point i was very low on the wash out bags for them only to say we cant get them any more so thay got me some 100ml ones witch whare no good at all wrong size and wrong connector may i add i have to use them every other day normal get them in boxs of 30 thay are 1600ml so i spoke to my doctor who told me to contact my urology who i cant get hold of its not my job to call him its down to doctors now im haveing to re use the bags witch are signal use im very upset and at my end i dont know what to do.

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Hi Peter,

The NHS has a duty of care to provide you with the medical equipment you need for your condition, regardless of cost. Perhaps there is a compatible alternative. Tell your GP that you are having to re use bags ( presumably this is an infection risk ? ) and that you have been unsuccessful in contacting urologist. Remind them also that your condition has not been reviewed for 10 years. Especially remind them of their 'Duty Of Care'. x

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