£10.00 to write a prescription!

My wife regularly has cystitis and recognises the need to get antibiotics as soon as possible and antibiotics should not hang about in a handbag for months at a time. Although we are both getting close to 80 we often travel around the country so my wife asked her doctor if she could have a prescription of the stuff she takes for her cystitis and she was told that it would cost her £10.00. Is this justifiable or just profiteering?

As a matter of principle my wife declined to pay so that means that if she gets stricken with cystitis while were away she will have to book into a local doctor to get medication thereby extending the time she will be without medication and inconveniencing the local doctor.

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  • Bricky,

    As I read it, see below, the GP is entitled to charge if you are outside the UK - no mention is made if in the UK. Although as you say there will be a local doctor to provide. I understand that it better to get the antibiotics in as early as possible and hence the need to carry them with you.

    I suspect that the GP is under pressure to reduce antibiotic prescribing - for antibiotic resistance purposes. Your wife may never take the antibiotics but the prescription will show the GP prescribed.

    At the end of the day the GP is paid by you (in taxes) to provide a service to you. I would be considering if they are providing a service that meets your requirements across the board. If they are not move GPs your money goes with you and the old GP loses finance. GPs are private contractors to the NHS they get paid for each patient - if you move they will lose two patients and their payments.

    '(h) for prescribing or providing drugs, medicines or appliances (including a collection of such drugs, medicines or appliances in the form of a travel kit) which a patient requires to have in his possession solely in anticipation of the onset of an ailment or occurrence of an injury while he is outside the United Kingdom but for which he is not requiring treatment when the medicine is prescribed; '

    ref gplaw.co.uk/chapter-8-when-...

  • its justified, she wanted a script for a condition she didn't have at the time.

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