20 week scan!

today is the day. in 2 hours i will find out what my jelly bean is. i have been very excited for the past week up until sunday. My excitement has decresed a little due to being ill and then last night my worst fears...... my Hyperemesis (HG) is back :(

all i want to do is enjoy this pregnancy now. being 21weeks and induced between 35 and 37 weeks i dont really have that long left. vut its long enough if the sickness continues.

im trying to stay positive today!!! and will attempt the pint of water before the scan. and hopefully within the next 2hours my excitement lifts a little :) x

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  • Hi Hun you won't need to drink before the scan baby is big enough at 20 weeks:) good luck, I hope for the sake of any they induce you no earlier than 37 weeks as breathing issues are really prominent at 35 weeks. I though you was on tablets for your sickness?

  • i know i hope its no earlier than 37 weeks either. i find out next week hopefully. i was on steroids up until saturday. then sunday i came down with muscle ache and migraine and temperature. and last night the sickness started back. they cant keep me on steroids anymore as they short term use only and as i was on a higher dosage for a prolonged period the baby can be at risk of diabetes, not forgetting GD for me. x

  • its a BOY!!! everyone was adiment it was a girl. and its a boy. a right wriggler but everything is fine and have to have another scan monday as she couldnt get measurement of his head as he wouldnt keep still. xx

  • Ah that's awesome chick, I really wish your health would sort itself out so you can just enjoy your pregnancy! It's good that he had a right wriggle on, sounds like he is fit considering how sick you have been. So much for the theory if girls drain you of your goodness, seems boys do it too!! :) xx

  • Congratulations !!!! X

  • thank you x

  • ahh congrats on ur little man!! my scan is on mon and everyone is convinced mine is a girl, I don't mind either way. hope u start to feel btr real soon :) xx

  • i didnt mind either way really. but seeing the babys bones and little toes and fingers, and when i asked her what is was she said well he's opened his legs and thats his willy!! lol. definately a cheeky monkey. after what he has put me through and im still in love with him lol.

    Thank you. and good luck with your scan Monday. are you going to find out? xx

  • ahh, i bet, i cant wait.I heard my babys heartbeat yesterday so just want monday to hurry. today I am like yep I will find out but seriously my mind changes every day. But by sunday we r making a definite decision, purely for the reason that I hav so many names that I like for a girl that wud b amazing but I realy don't mind, I feel so overwhelmed to think theres some little munchkin inside lol. take care xx

  • i came to the conclusion it would be cheaper to find out. instead of buying all cream and whites now and the colours as soon as the babys born. just means i would over spend and get no wear out of half the clothes. now i can spend on clothes and items i will use lol. it still hasnt sunk in im having a baby let alone it being a boy!! lol xx

  • Ah congratulations. A little baby boy, how exciting. Are you glad you found out? I have got 2 boys and never found out what sex's they were at the scan. I am hoping for a girl this time round but don't know whether to find out or not.

  • its was brilliant. she done the whole scan and asked any questions and all i could say was.. well? what is it? and he was there legs apart and willy showing. so she took a scan picture of it lol.

    im glad i found out now. as i can pick a name and not spend as much on clothes and blankets x

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