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3 month baby suffering from chesty cough, diarrhoea, congested chest, blocked nose :~s

Hi all, my little girl is suffering from the above symptoms , the diarrhoea occurs just after she finishes her milk every now and then, im trying saline drops, benylin cough medicine and snuffle babe , but it doesnt seem to be improving, she also occasionally vomits up clear mucus and milk soon after fed, any advice would be appreciated, thanks


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I would take her to the Dr, better safe than sorry, she may have the beginnings of a chest infection if she has a chesty cough and the Dr needs to do an assessment of her chest. Also, if the medicines aren't helping then she may need a prescription for something, maybe antibiotics :(

Hope she gets better soon! xx


I read something the other day which was really interesting about a certain way of using Vicks vaporub. I don't know about it's use on babies, but apparently its apparently been proven to relieve coughing and congestion in children and adults. You are shupposed to apply a generous amount to the soles of the feet and then put socks on, just before bed, and it's supposed to improve sleep and reduce coughing and congestion within 10 mins and last up to 8 hours. Might be worth asking if its safe and worth a try if it is! Cx


Ahhh bless have u switched from breast to bottle? An upset tummy could be she is allergic to the milk but then also because she isn't well.... When u say diahhorea is it really watery? ? U should check this out with ur g.p or health visitor. .. The mucas sick could be because she has a bad chest. .. wet some towels in ur Bath wring them out as much as u can with ur hands them put over ur radiators it puts more moisture in the room especially bedroom. .. and raise the cot up, u can put books under the feet of the head bit... But def take her to ur g.p.. Also if u are running a Bath Run the hot tap first sit in the bathroom with the door shut the steam will really help...ohh hope she is better soon xx


Have u made an appointment / or already gone to see your G.P about this. It seems your daughter may have got some sort of bug which is probably causing the vomiting.

Due to today being friday evening it could be a bit tricky for you to get a decent appointment but i would check your daughter temperature regularally & give her lots of fluids.

If she seems to get worse i would go straight to your nearest children's A&E.



Thanks All :) only drs appointment available is wednesday :s , her temperature has been absolutely fine the whole time , I tried the running the shower in a room with the door closed thing :) it works a little bit , but soon goes back to normal :s , thanks Babymother will try the wet towel idea , she's been having formula since one week old , no adverse reactions to that , if she honestly hasn't improved by wed, will see what the dr says,

thanks again everyone xx


Claire7 I've been using snufflebabe which is the baby version of vapour rub, doesnt make much difference unfortunately :s , thanks for your advice xx


Oh bess her. It was the soles of the feet bit that made the difference according to the article. It des sound as though you've tried everything, I hope she gets better v soon xx


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