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Just for fun..best old wives tales we've heard

My big sister and I were talking about my grans old wives tales (We are from glasgow) and wondered what else people say around the country, the best of my grans are;

- babies with stick out ears are due to them straining to hear their mothers voice in the womb, apparently you need to talk loudly to prevent it happening.

- babies develop a lisp when people tickle their feet,

- babies height depends on the length of cot you put them in

And our favourite

- your baby's complexion depends on the type of bread you eat ( in scotland we have a plain or pan bread, both made with the same ingredients, no difference to my gran though!).

Any other family pregnancy old wives tales from around the country?

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I love an old wives tale and these are brilliant! I particularly love the one about the ears, so funny!

I'm from the south west and I'm not sure if any of these are regional or not but these are ones I've actually been told in pregnancy, I couldn't believe my ears;

When someone asks to see your hands, if you show them palm down it means you're having a boy, palms up is a girl.

If baby's dad gains weight during pregnancy you are having a boy (the woman on the checkout in the co-op shared this jewel, I think my partner was a bit offended!)

When friends of mine were struggling to conceive her grandmother was disgusted that they'd even consider ivf before doing some baby making with a piece of silver under their pillow!

I think they're all a bit of fun. I've often wondered if there's any truth to the idea that heartburn is linked to how much hair baby has. I had it terribly with my son who was born with a full mop, but I suppose that's not a very scientific way to reach a conclusion :-) x


I was searching for "heartburn" but I found this instead. Haha. I should come up with a couple of these when I'm bored.



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