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Anyone suffering from hyperemisis? .. I'm 4 months and struggling everyday . I have been on fluids once and felt better for a couple of weeks, but seem to be having a relapse . In struggling to swallow my own saliva . It has been a constant battle any support or advice would be appreciated .. There seems to be a lack of understanding from doctors regarding this condition !

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Hi sorry to hear you are suffering so badly. It is utterly miserable and unless you have experienced it people do not get it! Even my family and friends didn't. It was a case of 'have some gingers biscuits then you'll feel better', or 'you really must eat something you're making yourself feel worse', i couldnt stand the sight or smell of food and the slightest whiff would have me hurling.It used to make me really cross. A girl I work with who claimed to suffer badly in her pregnancy said to me that I was pregnant not ill and to get on with it. Luckily for me I wasn't admitted but lived on antiemetics for weeks. I also had trouble swallowing fluids including my own saliva. By the time I was 23 weeks pregnant I was 2lb lighter than before my pregnancy. I can empathise with you and it really is tough going. There is a great website called Pregnancysicknesssupport.or.... They have lots of info to empower you and also have a one to one support system to help you throughout your pregnancy. Hopefully things will ease up for you, hang in there. Xx


If it's getting worse again u should let the midwife know. . Have they given u the anti sickness medication? Sounds like they need to check u over again bless you, I was very bad with my 2nd but back then they didn't like to give u anything, so I struggled through, couldn't Eat or drink till about 4ish everyday, didn't put on any weight for 5 months. .And had to look after my baby daughter! Don't know how I managed it was hell l used to wake up and want cry cod I knew what the day was bringing, like groundhog day! Now days theyare much more helpful by the sounds of it so don't suffer.. and when u have morning sickness or hyperemisis u do feel ill. ..kaley...made me laugh at that comment Your pregnant not ill obviously wasnt that bad a pregnancy, she sounded like a man. ... Very irritating!!! X

im 5 months and it does get slightly easier. I was admitted to hospital and spent 4 weeks there on different drips constantly. i was being sick upto 60 times a day and it was blood too. where it was coming from i dont know as i couldnt eat or drink anything. Some of my own family didnt believe what i was going through as my aunty who is also pregnant was suffering with sickness. so yes i had the 'its pregnancy not an illness', until my mum googled it and realised how serious it can be. and when she came in to sit with my consultant and was told my bowel was stopping working and i had to have a feeding tube down my nose to my bowel then she realised. no one will understand unless they have been through it themselves. i know take soluble pedinsolone steriods to keep the sickness at bay slightly. and i can manage to eat dry foods now. i have a packet of ready salted crisps to line my stomach in the mornings. salt does help with the sickness ive found. i was given different IV's in hospital. saline, vitamins, pottasium chloride. and fluids do help but through a drip when your that poorly.

i lost 19 and half pounds in 3 weeks and still losing weight now but slowly and im managing to eat little bits. Dont give up with the doctors. ask about steroids and make sure you have antiemetics. even though i find they dont help. but tablets are no good if your being sick. as the thought of taking them doesnt help. Ondansetron comes in a syrup form and the steroids come soluble. which is better than nothing. and if you can manage cold drink try boiled water. sip it slowly. they say you can either manage hot or cold with hyperemesis. good luck xx

Really sympathise it's utterly horrendous. I was lucky to be referred to a consultant who knew what she was doing and I had antiemetics from 6 weeks so I was spared the full horror of it that my mum and sisters suffered. You're right about doctors, some of them are shockingly ignorant. The antiemetics are so safe there's really no excuse to not have them. Agree you should contact pregnancysicknesssupport.or..., they keep a list of doctors who know what they're doing, they can look it up for you to see if there's a decent doctor in your area. You can get one to one support from their volunteer network too. Have you seen pregnancysicknesssos.co.uk it's got tips and information about how to get treatment and ways of coping, and some actual facts about hyperemesis rather than the old wives tales that some doctors and midwives spout.

Thanks ladies .. It's such a relief to speak to people who realise just how horrendous it is ... I'm back on meds and things are slowly improving . I think I may have been ignorant too of this condition if I had not been through 5 months of hell . ... Thanks for all the advice , keep strong to all those suffering , it will end !

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