Is it normal during pregnancy to start having a lot of cravings at the moment im craving cheesy pasta and im also craving sunny delight (the drink) and i tend to spend anything between 50 and 60 quid between the 2 things a week :( thankfully its the other half whos paying for it but if i dont get either of these things im down and dont want to eat or drink need advice on how to control these cravings?

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  • Bless U xx

    Pregnancy can play some tricks on our bodies at times. But personally i think its fine to wanting to eat these foods at the moment. Im in a simular situation at the moment but more towards sweet & sugary foods & if i dont eat something which involves either sugar or just a very sweet taste i feel very low as if i could just burst into tears "at any given moment"

    The worst thing also now is I HATE cooking because even before i've tried to eat some i feel physically sick. I just cant wait for this period of emotional sickness to be over

    I dont know about you but it does make me feel down at times :-(

  • Sorry i caught up in my own feelings i also wanted to say, Try having at least a Lil portion of meat or fish everyday "i understand it feels hard at times" you could also try mixing it in together with your pasta dish.

    I do at the moment then as soon as im finished i cant wait to undulge into a massive strawberry trifle "Or something" Haha

    Good luck

  • Oh honestly its horrible k hate fish and ant stand the smell of meat at the mo. Ent thing i might have to go on omega3 tablets and cod liver oil tablets to keep up my nutrition its just the box of cheesy pasta its so u health aswell xx

  • I know but what can we do. Are those Omega3 capsules safe enough to take during pregnancy. Ive been considering those myself as i think i could not be giving myself enough nutrients at the moment?

    Let me know.


  • Omega 3 is very safe and great for babies developing brain :)

  • Go easy on the sweet stuff, don't want to end up with gestational diabetes like me :(

    Best thing to do with the sunny d drink is try and find a low sugar version or sugar free or even better eat the real thing oranges and satsuma :)

    With the pasta you could try and swap it for the healthier version, brown rice, wheat pasta!

    But also a little bit of what you fancy doesn't hurt either :)

  • I generally cant help it its only sunny d and the cheesy pasta that comes in a box ill eat apples and stufd but i crave it constantly so theyre safe for the baby then? Got my appointment on thursday at the gp so god knows haha bit scared if am honest

  • Yeah Thats a good idea "i must say" . I have also tried to get at least one bag of fruit every time i go shopping too. I'll try & keep that up.


  • Cravings are a funny thing but thankfully they do stop and I found it was very prompt around 10-11 weeks I think. (I hope its same for you) Like you I needed acidic fruits, oranges daily and pickled onions! Cheese is always high on list as great source of calcium, just be careful of volume as highly calorific and weight might go on quickly. I think all you can do is go with it to satisfy and control it if it's over indulgent. There is alot going on is our bodies in early preg, daily and weekly changes. How far gone are you? :)

  • Im not 100% sure as i haven't yet had my 1st dating scan but im roughly 12wks gone. I know the unusual cravings will stop eventually but its just major annoying when i find it hard to eat anything i manage to cook.


  • my cravings are fresh strawberries. i cant get enough of them. otherwise, strawberry laces or ssweets or jam and strawberry ice cream is a must. i travelled to the local beach to get a proper ice cream as i was crving that much. and bottled water is all i drink. only the past 2 weeks have a craved anything though as my sickness is at bay for now xx

  • Im craving buttery toast with a light sprinkle of salt on and any thing salty (crisps, popcorn, etc) midwife said as long as I am drinking plenty of fluids and eating these things in moderation its ok. Im 15weeks with identical twins and have gone off more foods than iv had cravings for xx

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