39 Wks and feeling so tired and rough. Worried I'll cope with the strain of labour. Anyone felt like this?

Have been diagnosed with B12/Folate deficient this isn't helping. Awaiting further blood test results to determine the treatment and how much. Has anyone heard of the this problem during pregnancy. Lots of info on it for everyday patients but not really specific to pregnancy. GP very vague, never says much about anything.


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  • Oh bless u that's late to find out doesn't Leave much time! !!need all ur strength. .. Just being pregnant! Hopefully they can give u some b12 injections but takes a while for them work have u been taking pregnacare they have some b12 could get the premium ones somethings better than nothingand u can continue to take them after... Just a thought,I never took pregnacare in my previous pregnancies but I'm glad I am now.. Just rest as much as u can hope ur Ok xx

  • I took it for the 1st trimester but not after as I don't like relying on tab form. Eat a pretty good diet so an surprised to have it really. But I think a vomitting bug I had a few weeks back may have caused it. Doc advised not to take anything until I get the results of how low I am. Not sure if how I'm feeling is due to this deficiency (as doc said i'm only slightly low) or just the end of pregnancy or both. Just physically exhausted all the time.

  • Probably both bless you, but I know a couple of people with b12 deficiency and it makes them tired x

  • Hello preggers304, I'm very very tired too... have been in my jammies all weekend. A week behind you in my pregnancy. Sounds like your GP is on top of what treatment you will likely need. So sorry you're feel poorly. I feel like all I want to do is eat and sleep. I can't walk far and wonder where the energy to labour will come from! Good luck with labour and hopefully you'll start to feel a bit better soon. Vomiting bugs are just awful to have and then get over. x

  • Thanks guys feeling a bit less anxious. I terrible at wanting problems sorted NOW!!! Hahaha. In other words want to be on treatment straight away. But yes I'm sure it pregnancy tiredness too. Thanks again

  • It so tireing towards end pregnancy when I was about 7 mnth pregnant wiv both my kids I wanted them out but br healthy at. Same time my kids wad so tiny bt healthy as anyone could ask for I wish u so much luk n congratulations xxx

  • I was so tired towards the end of both my pregnancies, i think it is normal. I take it you are on Maternity leave now. I never even got a chance to start Maternity leave with my first as he was early so I was unprepared for his arrival. Get as much rest as you can and leave everything in the house it doesn't matter just chill as you will need all your energy when the little one arrives and TAKE advantage of help offered dont think you want to do it all yourself. I wish I could turn back time and snap there hands off with the help offered by the mother in law ( i just thought she was interffering but she is pretty useful after all lol).

    You will be fine in the labour, your body takes over and knows what to do.

  • Yes I'm on maternity leave now. Thankfully hubby is very good and looks after things I can't do. It's the B12/folate deficiency that most worrying at this stage. Often feel like I'm going to pass out which can be really scary. Hopefully will start treatment for it this wk once blood test results return. Thanks all, great advice.

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