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A very eventful antenatal appointment lasted 4 hours!


So today I was booked in to see the diabetes midwife/ doc.

Had my blood pressure and urine checked- normal yeah!

Then the midwife listened to the heartbeat- fine yeah!

Then she wanted to feel the baby, she couldn't as I had a load of fluid, more than usual, so I was whisked off for a scan, haven't seen baby for seven weeks, wow how he has grown, amazing, he also weighs 2.5 pounds so he is a bit bigger than most, but the fluid was fine, its that he decided to swish up towards the front of my belly so fluid was pushed up. My placenta hasn't moved and is still anterior. He is also breech, he as max 10 weeks to turn:)

Then I met with the diabetic team, I have confirmed gestational diabetes, I have I take three Metformin tablets a day and alter my eating to a low gi regime. I also have to monitor my bloods 4x a day till my next appointment in three weeks then if there is no improvement I go on insulin:(, good side of this I get scanned another three times till I'm 38 weeks. Also I'm not allowed to go past my due date, I could be induced at 38 weeks, 11 weeks away!

So that's it!

I'm now knackered had my last McDonald's :) and I'm off for a rest now :)

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im glad you finally have answers. :) least you can now see the light at the end of the tunnel and know your getting the right help.

rest up now. 11 weeks will fly by. xx

Thanks Hun x


did they give u lists of things u can and can'teat? would make it so.much easier wouldn't it! ah Ur last maccy d's! how u feeling about it all? lot to take in.... nice u get to see ur little man a bit more often, not too long now :-)

Yeah I will be getting a list of foods from the dietician, but i already know what to eat and not, coz I lost three stone before I got pregnant coz of my pcos.

I'm not too worried about it, just going to focus on diet so I hopefully i won't need insulin then!

Really thinking about it I should have been left on metformin as I had high sugar levels coz of my pcos, so I kinda expected it to happen when I was pregnant!

But ave to say st helier maternity has been brilliant and so thorough so far x

Good to get all the details! :) And you saw your little dude too! I'd give anything to see Squiggly in a scan. Potentially 11 weeks till due date! Wahoooooo! I'm trying so hard not to go to McDonalds this week. I don't normally eat so much of it but lately all I want is the bad stuff and homemade soup (as well as gnawing wet sponges!) Hopefully the diet changes will be easy to re-aquire after your success with it in the past. xxx

Good to hear :)

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