Could this be a pregnancy sign too?

I already said would do another test latest nxt tues or wed. Bt there seem to be sumtin i noticed tonyt,usually somedays before my period my breast is always very sore n painful dt any little touch would mk me scream n this would nt subside until atleast two days into my period,bt this month hv been having d pain for almost two wks nw my period is to come btw today n tomorrow tho its yet to come bt d pain in my breast is begining to subside infact almost gone. Could this be another sign? Just being curious tho,just wish already i am pregnant.


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2 Replies

  • Hmmm it tough to say because everyone's body reacts differently. I'd say if you are due today, maybe do another test first thing tomorrow using your first wee. I did my first test the day my period was supposed to come and my hormone levels were high enough to show I was pregnant. Hope this helps!

  • Tanx...i will do dt

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