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Pregnant after mc and feel very anxious

Found out last Thursday that I am pregnant, I am now 7wks 6days so still early days. I have got 2 children already. I had an early miscarriage in December which was upsetting but we came to terms with it.

I dont know why but I feel so anxious, I dont even feel pregnant, I have had no sickness (but to be fair I never with the boys). All I have felt for about one day is achey down stairs like slight period pain but thats it and a little stabbing pain but not extreme.

I went to the hospital for a scan last Thursday as the doc thought I had a cyst on my ovaries and that is what reveiled I was pregnant but I seen the babies heart beat and I feel the same now as I did then (if you get what I mean).

I have been looking into maybe getting a private scan but it is £130 , I can't really justify spending that much on myself. My husband said that if I still feel the same way in 2 weeks then I can book myself in for a private scan.

My midwife appointment is not for another 2 weeks yet as she is on holiday and I feel like I am going stir crazy slowly with worry and anxiety.

Anyone else felt the same after a miscarriage or am i just going mad????

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I'm sure how you are feeling is entirely normal. Have PMed you some advice I was given.



Hi, I feel anxious all the time as had mc late last summer. I am 6 weeks 6 days. I have had lots of cramps, like period pain which worried me but read that it's normal. I have 3 children but youngest is 10, it's hard to remember my symptoms with their pregnancies. I am suffering from bad morning (all day) sickness so try to read that as a good sign. I can't wait for my first scan to know everything is ok till then I keep worrying. I have tought about private scans but too expensive, we just have to stay positive, sure worrying isn't helping. Hope you feel better soon and that you are not going crazy.



Ah thank you Lucyloo, glad it is not just me. Might just explain to the midwife in my app on the 3rs how I am feeling and she may let me have a scan at 11 weeks instead.


I felt the same my first pregnancy was a missed misscarriage at 7.5 weeks.

Now a happily 26 plus 2 days pregnant, up to 12 weeks I was. Wreck and had three private scans by ultra baby costing £75 each. Feel much better now as baby moves alot so it reassures me, I alo have a doppler:)

It's normal to feel scared and nervous it's coz this means so much to you. By the way you are worth spending the money on, try to wait ill ten week you will see so much more :)


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