40 and 25 wks pregnant, help :) x

Ok, didn't expect to be pregnant at 40, first child and the only one in our group of friends, anyone else in same situation? have no experience with babies or children not even changed a nappy! but got to say apart from being a bit scared am enjoying pregnancy and looking forward to having a child, so is the husband now hes gotten over the OMG bit - any advice or help will be really appreciated - thanks in advance x


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  • Am 40 & preggers with first child, am about 14-15 weeks. Am enjoying the ride, there are many older mums to be on here as you will soon find out :) X

  • Hi I am slowly finding out that being 40 isn't as "old" as it used to be in the having children area, which is reassuring, oh and i use old in a very loose term as I feel 21 most of the time, just the body tells me different :) Good luck and hope all goes smoothly x

  • I'm 26 weeks and 33 years old, so happy to be pregnant:)

  • Just enjoy it. I found that your mothering instincts just kick in as soon as you have the baby. Just remember that they only need to be loved fed and changed regularly. I found the Baby Whisperer (just google The Baby Whisperer) books extremely helpful especially the first book (blue cover) as it has a section in their that helps you work out why your baby is crying. Crying is the only language babies know and they have different cries for different things. The chapter explains all that. The second book is also a godsend as it expands on the first and helps you trouble shoot. The other thing it does is explain about setting routines or following a pattern for your baby so that you get some time to rest or do what you want. If you like reading then it may be worth a shot. Can't recommend enough. The other book I found really helpful was by Clare Byrom-Cook (also on youtube) What to expect when you are breastfeeding and what if you can't. She explains how to latch baby on. I bought this in preparation for my third child and as I'd had problems feeding the first two and I must say that I actually enjoyed breastfeeding 3rd time round and didn't have any problems. The only other advise I could give is to follow your instincts. It's great getting advise from books and friends etc but as a mother you will know your child better than anyone and will automatically know what to do, so don't worry, just enjoy.x

  • Am 34 and my little'un is now 8 weeks old. I too had no idea about anything to do with babies. However, the support available once you've given birth is amazing. Just avail yourself of all of it. Ask the midwives at the hospital to show you how to change baby's nappy, bath him/her, etc. and help with breastfeeding if that's what you want to do. Also, though most women who have uncomplicated births go home the next day, you can stay at the hospital as long as you like, so stay there until you've gotten a bit of rest and you feel confident you know what to do when you get home. Then when you do get home, ask your midwife and health visitor any and every question that pops into your head, don't be afraid to call them if you need help before your next scheduled home visit, and go to classes at your local children's centre. It doesn't even really matter what classes you go to, just go to something so you can hook up with other mothers you can swap tips with and have extra access to health visitors in a context where you can ask as many questions as you want without feeling rushed. Oh, and of course get a book on caring for your baby and read at least about the first few weeks before you go into labour, because when little'un arrives you'll be up to your eyeballs and have very little time for reading. But, don't worry, like everyone else, you'll find your feet and feel like an old pro in no time!

  • Thank you all, books are something I was going to invest in but bit baffled as to which one, at least I have soemthing to go by now, unfortunatly lost my own mum quite a few years ago so didn't and will not have any guidance from her. I think this site will be invaluable in the coming months, so look out for many more silly question and answer sessions :) thank u again all xx

  • 36 and 22 weeks with my first - will be 37 when Flump arrives! Have already picked up some pearls from my mum - like newborns can't cook, and that you can't microchip children... Who would have thought? ;-p

  • Hi I'm 39 and pregnant with second child. I was 37 when my first came along. Not going to lie, it's a bit of a shock to the system after having had all your life/time to only think about your own needs. But it is also the most incredible, important, life changing experience I have had and has enriched my life beyond words. I whole heartedly recommend motherhood, it makes you young again in all sorts of ways! You have the most amazing time ahead of you. Best wishes and enjoy it x

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