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Feeling enormous at 24 weeks

Hi all, just wondered if anyone else is/has been feeling the same way? I'm 24weeks today and feeling absolutely huge. I'm only 5'1" tall and I have an enormous bump already. I'm getting all sorts of comments(some not so nicely put!) about my size and I'm starting to feel really scared about how I'm going to cope with the rest of my pregnancy. I'm already having problems putting shoes on, getting out of bed/chairs etc. I have had nausea and vomiting which is still with me so I haven't actually gained much weight elsewhere. I just look like I'm swallowed a beach ball. I tried to broach the subject with my midwife but her response was quite dismissive. She said my uterus was the right size ie just above my belly button but I know that it isn't. I'm feeling it about 4 inches above it and as I'm short that's not far below my ribs. I know I'm going to increase in size, its inevitable, I except that. But i'm feeling really anxious about exactly how big and what if the baby is growing too fast. What are your thoughts? Thanks x

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Do you get to see your consultant Under the hospital?maybe you should ask to see them I would talk about your concerns with him/her..... They can measure your bump with a tape measure to see how many wks you should be...and if it tallys up with ur weeks. i don't believe scans are correct I carried very big with my daughters and put on lots of weight the same amount both times and when they scanned me they said my first daughter was big she was 7lb 6 born and my second 9lb10! I also had a condition called poly hydramnous ( dont know if this is correct spellin) which means I was carrying too much water with my second daughter, u may just be one of them women that carries right out front we all carry differently, try not to let it get you down your keeping that baby safe and nurturing it till its ready, Im sure you look lovely it sounds like it to me :) x


I'm 25 weeks 3 days have put on two stone, I'm all belly too, I find it hard to get out of my arm chair and I waddle when I walk lol, but my measurements so far are fine, got another appointment next week so will see if my size is mentioned.

Carry on as you are, don't let others bring you down. Maybe ask fora growth scan to check the weight of baby:) bet you and baby are fine :)


I m exactly the same. At 4ft 11, I am all bump. It's so uncomfortable and people just can't stop commenting. I wish I could tell them to sod off actually. I can hardly dress myself and bending, driving etc is hard going! Not much blooming going on round here! Lol.. I have had my bump measured and perfectly average. I just think when ur small it shows up much more, u def can't hide it. My midwife and husband tell me I'm perfect. Just try and ignore everyone else! :) x


Thank you ladies for your uplifting comments. It's nice to be heard by those that understand. I'm seeing consultant in 3 weeks so will def ask for their opinion. In the meantime i'll keep on waddling and imagine my baby is doing just fine. Thanks again and best wishes with your pregnancies xx


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