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Could I be pregnant?

My fiancé was home on R&R from 27/2-11/3, I stopped taking the pill in January and had my period 23/2-25/2. We had sex almost everyday and I just wondered if there was any chance tha I could be pregnant? My next period is due 26/3, do I need to wait until I miss it (if I do) to take a pregnancy test or can I find out earlier? Any info would be great thanks!

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I would only test up to 4 days before your period to get a clearer picture and I would get a clear blue digital one. I wouldn't test any earlier. Good luck.


14 days after ovulation you would get a positive or negative! What day did u ovulate? And if u had sex before, during and after ovulation then your chances of pregnancy could be good, average women has 20% per cycle to get pregnant. Without knowing your ovulation day it really is down to luck.

I hope your lucky :)


I stopped taking the pill just before my last period on 28/12 my next period was due 25/1 which was also my best friends birthday and she was with me and my partner when we tested i did a test on this day (plus about 9 more over the next few days) and i got mostly positives, very similar situation to me my boyfriend is in the army in Portsmouth and was home for Xmas from 21/12 to 6/1 then came home the following weekend (in fact he has only not been home one weekend since xmas) which is when we assume our bean was conceived, im now 10 weeks 5 days pregnant going off my last period :). We didnt know exactly when i was ovulating but i had read its best to try and conceive 10-16 days from your last period

fingers crossed for you

x x x


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