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Any advice or tips?

Hi guys, just wondering at the early stages of pregnancy (im about 5-6 weeks) are there any tips i should know or advce. Like how should i feel at this point? Should i feel pregnant now (werid qeetion) cuz my boobs hurt, im getting irritated, feel tired and havig nausua, but my belly/ pelvic bit doesnt feel pregnant if that makes sense. Am i just getting bworried for no reason? Im doig yoga and have stopped the gym for the moment, im eating more healthy and drinking alot of ornge juice and crandberry juice. Ive started taking folic acid, and my back hurts already! Anything else u guys can help me on? Am i doing stuff rigt?

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Just stop worrying. If you have started taking folic acid and just eating the right things then that is all you can do for now. I never felt pregnant until about 16 weeks with my first, I didn't even feel pregnant when I went for my 12 week scan so just made it feel weird that there was actually a baby in there. I never had any pregnancy symptoms with either.


Yep megzey is right you are doing all you can, being happy, healthy and positive is the best remedy:)


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