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Early Scan Update!!

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All that worrying was for nothing!! Baby was exactly where he/she was meant to be!!

I had the early scan this morning and she found it right away! It was a little bit early for the heart beat but we saw the sack and most importantly it was in the right place and growing at a normal rate!

We're going back in 10 days so we can see the heartbeat as well.

This has been the most awful week of my lifeand I'm so glad it's over now!! I know it's still very early days but at least I know it's where it's meant to be and the rest is just standard.

I want to say a big thank you for all those people who have answered my crazy questions and given me the support this last week!!

I shall keep you all updated as the next step is telling the parents!! Very exciting!!


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yay, congratulations thats what i saw on my first scan then on Monday just gone saw babies heartbeat

x x x

Hey, that is fantastic news! So happy for you! Now you can relax and really start to enjoy your pregnancy...

Seeing the heartbeat for the first time is soooo amazing, so brace yourself for some tears of joy :)

All the best! xx

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I cried like a baby! Also couldn't stop giggling (made the scan tricky!!)

Thank you!!

It's all such amazing news and I'm so releived!! It really will be nice to just relax and enjoy the pregnancy now.

Cant wait to see the heartbeat, it'll make it all so much more real.

Thank you both for your kind words :-) xxx

Yippee! I've been thinking about you this week and wishing you luck, I'm absolutely delighted with you that baby is in the right place! How exciting! I wish you all the very very best during your pregnancy! Heartbeat time soon! :) Good Luck with everything! xx

That's great, I thought about you today:) brilliant news, now 10 days till you get even more excited when u see the heartbeat. Xx

Thank you kaleidascope and skyblueboston for your kind thoughts and support, it really means a lot to me. xx

Its been the most stressful week of my life ever! Im so glad this is over and we can just

enjoy our baby and being pregnant.

Im really looking forward to seeing the heartbeat in 10 days!

Thank you all again for your support and lovely words!


That's awesome news, you did seem really worried about the possibility of ectopic but it's all good with is great, I wish you all the best got your next scan :) Take Care X

That's fantastic news - such a relief for you! Take care x

Congratulations :D xx

Congrats inspiring story thanks for sharing. Keep us updated on your progress xx

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely supportive messages!!

My partner has been lovely but no one really knows what emotional turmoil we go through more than other pregnant women.

Your answers to my questions and kind words really helped me more than I could say. I was so worried that I even cried as I entered the room to speak to the midwife yesterday! God knows what she must have thought of me as I also cried when she said baby was in the right please! :-)

I'm off to have another scan in 10 days so I can the heartbeat! Very excited about that and we're telling the first set of grandparents tonight and videoing the reaction!

We've decided to make a video diary of the whole thing so we can show him/her later on how ecstatic everyone was about them arriving into the world!

Will keep you all updated.

Big Love to you all. xxxx

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