6 days late, negative test??!!

Hi Everyone,

I'm driving myself nuts wondering if I'm pregnant or not. Me and Husband had intercourse 3 times during the ovulation period (using calendar), I was due on 24th dec and have had no period just a very creamy discharge (sorry for tmi!). I do 'feel' pregnant (various symptoms) but I have done 4 clear blue tests even before period was due and last one first wee of the day today.

Could I be pregnant? What do I do if period doesn't arrive? I don't want to go to gp and be told to wait another week- I'm going crazy!!!

Please comment as any advice will be helpful! :)



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  • Maybe try first response if not on in 24/48hours. I just found out im pregnant and i use those sticks gps have, the positive line was so faint i thought it was negative but used a first response pink dye one and the line is lighter but very clear.

  • Thanks Kay2010 ill try them next time! Congratulations on your baby news, hope all goes well!! :) x

  • With all 3 of my pregnancies i don't get a positive (faint line) until at least 2 weeks after my period was due and i have used all kinds of tests and got the same result. With this pregnancy i was around 8 weeks before i got a clear definite line. Good luck x

  • Thanks immysarch! Well I'm hoping I am but I dont want to get my hopes up! Ill just have to wait (sigh!!) and see!! :) x

  • Hey hun. My period is also late and i used the clear blue digital pregnancy test ( the twin pack) both were negative. I have had few sytopms apart from "morning sickness." And I feel pregnant. I did research on internet and found out the clear blue pregnancy test give lots of fake positive and negative to alot of women and esp the ones bought from internet. Guess what I bought my testes from internet and alot of women have comment saying" First Response" is really sensitive so I am going to buy a "First Response" pregnancy from shop and I think you should aswell. I hope that I have helped answer your question huN. Good LuckX

  • Thanks for the info sugar, it's so confusing isn't it as these tests aren't bloody cheap so you would expect them to do as they say they will do!! They claim to be 99% accurate but this is not always the case and that makes me doubt my gut instinct that I am pregnant when they show negative. :( have you done another test? X

  • Hope you get the result you want. Let us know :) x

  • Will do! I'm going to do another test on 1st Jan if there is no sign of my period!

    Thanks! Xx

  • Update.... I have done a digital test today (8days late) and it said 'not pregnant' so I don't know what's going on! I will go drs on the 2nd if no sign of period! X

  • I didn't because I started my periods yesterday:(

  • I'm really upset because I was sure I was pregnant. I feel like crying. Beenh trying 4 nearly a year now. Everyone around me are falling pregnant and so fast aswell. Anyway gud luck 2 u hun n plz pray 4 me

  • I also came on today so that's the end of that! Thanks everyone. Xxx

  • Not to get anyones hopes up but it may not be your cycle. With my 2nd pregnancy I had heavy bleeding till I was 11 weeks before I had a positive result. All i'm saying is don't lose hope x

  • I had a quite light period really and it was a day shorter than usual. I've also got cramping pains today which is odd! X

  • Bunny1344 i am also trying to conceive and ive done alot of research. What your experiencing is called spotting, it happens when the embryo attaches itself to your blood lining. Chances are you are pregnant all the best :)

  • Hi All, just come across your questions as I'm in the same scenario. I'm 7 days late done 5 tests 4 faint positive tests and one Clear Blue digital negative test. Myself and my husband are going mad!! I have one child aged 4 and have been trying for our second since August 2011!! I'm on Chlomid too under a gyny!! Reading the above has given me hope after a miscarriage last Jan! I haven't got sickness like I did with my first but feel tired and bloated.

  • Hi Nicky, from what I've read on pregnancy testing you are highly unlikely to get a false positive no matter how faint the line but quite likely to get false negative. Go see your gp ASAP! Good luck and hope you get the news you want! Xxxx

  • Ah thanks bunny, I do hope your right, sorry to hear your news above :( although you never know, our bodies are such complicated things. Going to ring my Gynecologist tomorrow see what he has to say. Have a feeling he will say wait a few more weeks!! This site has been fantastic, it's made me realize I'm not on m own or going mad. Thanks again, I'll let you know the outcome.

  • My test came back so faint i thought it was negative. Leave it 72hours and test with the same test again it will get darker i am now 6weeks after getting a negative christmas day (which turned out to be a very faint positive) good luck x

  • My last period was October 23rd, i have done a pregnancy test but it is till coming up negative ??? any advice lady's

  • same boat, mine was 28th October, waiting is driving me nuts, i'm probably not pregnant :( just really want to know, 5 days late now and negative tests

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