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Bra in bed - yes or no


I am about 6-7 weeks and my breast have been the only thing that have changed since becoming pregnant. Ive not had any other signs but my breast are very sore.

They have calmed down abit but for the first few weeks even walking up/down stairs hurt like hell. Im naturally a 32G and at night when im sleeping turning over really hurts them when they fall into each other.

My main question would be is it safe to wear a non wired bra to bed? Normally this isnt an issue but I need to try and support them now day and night it seems.

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Hi, I know the feeling. As size 8 my boobs jumped from natural 30e to 32g

Really painful from 5-9 weeks then calmed down. Now started aching again at 19 weeks.

I got a pack of mothercare night bras( like soft vest crop tops) which I wear at night.

At the start I was wearing my sports bra but the fastenings are in comfy.

I can't sleep without the extra support and as long as there right size and comfy they are fine



Any wireless bra should do the trick! I don't have boobs your size and mine were uncomfortable so really feel for you , I started at a 34 b/c going to a 36e when I had him 3 years ago ( settled at 34/ 36d wahoo! ) so I wouldn't spend lots as you will probably go through a few different sizes! If you have a look at nursing bras use that as a guide to what you will need in a none wire for support , it will save you a bit of money in the long run.

I think a wireless bra is recommended in pregnancy to help reduce sag later on any way, I wore a bra a lot and mine stayed pretty perky, i don't were 1 when im at home now generally just for comfort.

I am now 6 weeks pregnant again and have no soreness or heaviness ( which worried me at 1st ) but expect I'll have to get my wireless out soon !


Get a really good sports bra.. I wear mine all the time.. Hurts a lot less and gravity won't drag them down :p I wear my sports bra to bed all the time aswell it is much more comfy


Hi, Marks and Spencer have a pack of two sports bras for 12.50 with no clasps or wires. I wear them all the time now. I wore a "real" bra Christmas day and couldn't wait to get it off, it was so uncomfortable. I may even stick with them after juinor arrives. X


Hello All

Thank you for all your replys, I guessed it would be ok but just wanted to make sure.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.


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