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Pregnant and child with chickenpox

Hi there, just after your thoughts and advice. I'm 9 weeks pregnant and my two year old son has developed chickenpox. Obviously it's too late to worry about avoiding exposure, I had it as a child but should I be concerned? Has anyone else experienced the same/similar situation? I know the advice is to avoid those infected when pregnant, but is it a problem if you've had it yourself in childhood?

Thank you x

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Hi, there.

My sister inlaw was in the same situation as u 1st with her 5 year old then passing it on to her 18month old, she was a few weeks ahead of you and obviously a concern, she phoned the midwife or early pregnancy unit and they just asked her if she had had them previously herself, which she had so they told her not to worry, that there shouldn't be a problem . Baby now 4 months old and very happy and healthy with no concernes.

She had no choice but to be exposed but when my son caught them at the same time and I let my pregnant friends know and they chose not expose themselves, which is fair enough,

As that is the advice .

If your not sure just make a call to relevant personnel I'm sure they will put ur mind at rest.


I'm 29 weeks pregnant and was exposed to chicken pox last week at my friends house (her three year old developed it while I was staying over). My mum couldn't remember whether I'd had it or not so I had a blood test for antibodies to check my immunity. I am immune and you should be too if you've previously had it but perhaps ring your doctor or midwife to get advice. I don't think its as serious if contract chicken pox in early pregnancy as after 20 weeks. Good luck and hope your two year old isn't too itchy!


If you previously had chicken pox, you are immune yourself and it should not effect you or the baby inside. But tending for a little kid with chicken pox can be exhaustive and maybe you may want to ask help from your mom / mom-in-law or husband or friends to nurse him for a while.


There is no risk providing you had chicken pox as a child you will be immune


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