pregnancy problems after depo?

ive been on the depo injection for about two years now and have decided not to continue as me and my partner are wanting to try for a baby, after researching into this i found out that trying to concieve after the depo can cause alot of complications has anyone else experienced this? its starting to worry me that i didnt know any of this information before starting on the injection and now it could take up to two years to conceive?


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  • Hiya, I was on the depo for a year and a half when me and my partner started trying this year and when nothing was happening I went to my doctors and they told me it could take up to a year for it to get out of my system! Which then means trying for another year before being tested for fertility problems. But I've heard of people getting pregnant within a few months of coming off. Hope this kinder helps. X

  • I didn't know this until I read something on here,I was on the depo until november 2011, me and my partner never really used protection after that and suddenly after a year i am now 7 weeks pregnant, makes sense now. I was considering going back on the depo after I've given birth but don't think I will now!!

  • I used Depo previously. I was told by my GP before hand that it can affect your fertility for a while after, up to about 18 months. I conceived within a few months of stopping it. It affects everyone differently though, and stress alone can interfere if you're TTC, so the main thing is to relax, make sure you have a good couple of regular cycles after stopping and then you'll know roughly when you're ovulating and that should make things easier :) Good Luck xx

  • I was on the depo until july 12. I came off it due to experiencing horrific mood swings and generally being a hormonal mess. My periods returned to normal straight away which i was shocked with as I had heard many women say that they were still waiting for their regular cycles to return 12-18 months after coming off. Though me and my partner were not actively trying to concieve I fell pregnant in october. I am now 8 and a half weeks pregnant and now the shock has worn off we are over the moon. It goes to show that focusing completely on concieving sometimes causes more stress than good. Coming off the depo was definitely the best thing for me though my partner may say the opposite as now he is stuck with me being even more hormonal for the next 7 months. Doctors often don't tell you about the lasting effects of depo whilst you take it and I know some women who have had wanted to conceive have found it difficult but as previous people have said everyone is different. Just enjoy yourself, don't overthink your sexual relationship with your partner and put too much stress on the two of you. Good luck x

  • I was on depo for about 6 years - when I came off it it took me nearly a year to get regular periods back - once my cycle was regular only took a few months to concieve - without really trying to. After my first child was born I had a coil fitted - I experienced no problems with it and when the time was right for a second baby the coil was removed and I be came pregnant within a month - I am now due in 18 days time! I would not go back to having depo having experienced the coil with no ill effects - but depo did get me through my student days with no unplanned pregnancies. Good luck

  • I was on depo provera for 12 years, periods (annoyingly) returned as soon as I came off it! Was banking on at least 18 months of not having to buy tampons or those horrid monthly cramps! Also, my friend was in it for 8 years, pregnant within 3 months of comming off it. Everyone is different!

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