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When do you get a bump?

Bit of a trivial reason for asking this...

I'm currently 14 weeks and really want to put a onesie on my xmas list. Should I just get a bigger size, or would it be worth getting a maternity one? (I'll be 16-17 weeks at xmas)

Trying to work out how big I'll be and when based on pregnancy pictures online, but I know everyone is different.

Can't tell if I'm getting the beginnings of a bump or not as I was size 14 pre-pregnancy and have lost and regained weight since. All my clothes still fit. T-shirts are maybe a tiny bit tighter.?

Would love your opinions please ladies. xx

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It sounds like you are starting to get a bump as your clothes do tend to get a little tighter. But it "should" be a gradule process really, so you shouldnt be much bigger by christmas. But obviously everyone and every pregnancy is different. So this wouldnt apply to everyone just going by my own experience. If you just plan on wearing it over christmas then whatever size you are now should be fine but if you want to wear it for several months your likely to get bigger and might have some issues. Maternity wear can be expensive so i think if you plan on wearing it till you have the baby its worth it. But if not you can just get the size you are now, wear it for as long as you can then put it away till after then you can still get a few years use out of it. X


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