Pregnant or phantom?

I miscarried two months ago at nine weeks. I let the initial bleed finish then had one normal cycle. My second cycle was due last week but didnt come. I took a test yesterday and found out that im about three weeks pregnant! Unlike last time i have not got sore boobs or morning sickness but i have some of the same symptoms such as a missing period feeling bloated and needing to pee more. I know every pregnancy is different and i am really happy at the thought of finally being a mummy! However im worried i will lose this baby too although im trying not to stress about it. I also spoke to my best mate and instead of jumping for joy she said i shouldnt get my hopes up too much as i could be having a phantom pregnancy as its something i really want so i may have convinced myself im pregnant when im actually not. I am really hoping she is wrong i will be devestated if i go to my first scan and find out im not actually pregnant. My first scan wont be for weeks yet! Dont know what to do

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  • You can, just by getting yourself worked up, cause yourself to get all sorts of pregnancy symptoms without actually being pregnant, but to my knowledge you can't imagine enough HCG into your urine to cause a false positive on a home pregnancy test. (You can sometimes get false postives on blood HCG tests, which are more sensitive and therefore more likely to pick up the wrong thing, but I don't think that kind of phantom pregnancy is psychosomatic necessarily.) Your friend might be confused about the difference between phantom pregnancy and chemical pregnancy, which is a miscarriage that happens so early that if you hadn't tested you wouldn't have known you were ever pregnant. Obviously this could still happen, as could any other kind of miscarriage, but just because you've had one already doesn't mean you're more at risk than any other woman of having a second. So relax, stay postive, and congratulations! Oh, and tell your friend you need her to be supportive, not fill your head with worries. That's a really weird thing to say to it possible she's jealous?

  • Thank you for your reply. I am really happy at the thought of being pregnant but a little worried since talking to my friend as ii was expecting more excitement from her. It is possible that she could be jealous as she has been with her fiance for longer than ive been with mine and she has wanted a baby for years and me and my fiance have only been trying for a few months and i fell pregnant within a few weeks which ois the one i miscarried then fell pregnant within a month of miscarrying. I have looked into phantom pregnancies and know they are extremely rare and uusually happen if a woman is really over thinking pregnancy and is desperately trying to get pregnant. As far as i know this does not sound like me as although we wanted to try again after i miscarried i wasnt expecting it to be this soon as wasnt getting my hopes up everymonth. I really hope this is a real pregnancy as i would be devastated if i went too my first scan and found there was no baby.

  • Hello . My friend had a phantom pregnancy many years ago. She had all the common pregnancy symptoms . But every test she did came back with a negative result. So as Carren said , I would try to relax and not to worry . I worried before my first scan that there wouldn't be anything there , and after speaking to different people about it , they were all worried in one way or another . I hope that it goes well for you this time :) x

  • Yeah i have heard that phantom pregnancies do not cause the tests to be positive. Thank you for your reply. I think my friends response just threw me as i wasnt expecting that reaction x

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