How long will it take to get pregnant?

i was on the depo injection for a year and a half and had the last one in april, me and my boyfriend are trying for a baby now and i started having my period at the begining of september but i hadnt the whole time i was on the depo.Were having sex regulary and have been doing it when im ovulating. But i just wanted to know whether anybody else has tried and roughly how long it took them?

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  • I have been on the pill for Same amount of time, I came off end of June 2012 and have been trying since periods were hit and miss so we just said let's enjoy it and e dry available opp we had sex, just over week at got my positive test. :-) keep trying but just think if it happens it happens dont look to much into it, with empty lark and this and that just enjoy relax and let it happen. Good luck Hun

  • Temperature lark *

  • I was on the pill straight for 13 years and when i came off it last Christmas I was worried about how long it would take me to get pregnant. From about March my periods were literally all over the place so it was very hard to plan and work out when i was ovulating. I got quite worried by the end of Summer when we still weren't pregnant but apparently the hormones from the pill can take up to a year to come out of your system (not suer about the injection). Anyway, as soon as we decided to stop trying and to let me periods sort themselves out, I fell pregnant! Honestly just enjoy having sex and as Ally says, relax and it will happen :-)

  • Thanks, I guess im just really impatient lol. Yeah im hoping so, just you hear people getting pregnant on their first go and I suppose im just hoping nothings wrong. Ohwel. Congrats :)

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