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Now 11 days late with a negative test result!

Right so its been 11 days now since I was due my period and I finally took a test today, it was negative :-( However sorry if this is TMI, me and my partner had sexual intercourse today and normally if its near the time of the month, then sexual intercourse always hurries up my period which is has done before. But there is no sign of any blood or my period. Im going to take another test Friday if my period still hasn't come but do you think I could be pregnant? I wouldn't say I have the 'symptoms' however I am more tired than usual and getting very uncomfortable stomach aches? I have also been getting headaches and a runny nose?! They might not be proper symptoms however that is what I have read online haha. Any opinions would be lovely! x

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I was 7 weeks pregnant before i got a positive result so i wouldnt worry too much x


you may have ovulated late in the cycle and so would take longer for the hcg to show up in the urine...and like michelle said, you can be many many weeks pregnant sometimes before a test shows positive..if you still have not had your period by the time you are 14 days late, maybe go to your doctor to ask for a blood test as that would show if you had hgc that might not show on a test.


just make sure you do the test in the morning.. and if it comes up negative dont throw it away... keep it and look at it after a few hours... and look carefully it could be extremely faint like mine was... xxxx


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