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Period related and not pregnant!

As the topic has been stated above, I am completely clueless now. I've recently been suffering from a peptic ulcer (lame) which occured 4 months ago. During the 4 months, I've had 3 normal periods out of 4; spoken to my doctor before the 4th period and she told me to just wait for it to occur naturally (well that's obvious) and if I felt or noticed anything strange during my periods and it was completely normal.

However, on the 4th period I was late by 2 weeks which was strange- I mean I'm not pregnant but I'm pretty clueless. So, on the 17th of September my period finally arrives which is a relief for me and in a way it's not (sighs). I'm just curious on how late/missed period works. Also, could Omeprazole 20mg have an impact on my hormones? (I was curious about the medication and googled nonsense :3 )

So, my question is what can/would affect an individual to have a missed or late period? And irregular periods too! My second question is can medication like Omeprazole have an influence on our hormones?

P.S. I was nit stressed out during the 4 months but only before those periods had occurred which caused my peptc ulcer to appear. :(

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it might not be stressful situations that can make you miss periods, but also stresses on the body..the peptic ulcer would definitely be a stress on the body and could be one of the reasons for a delayed period...

some people just do get the odd late period, where the hormone has not built up enough in the first 2 weeks to stimulate the egg to be released and that delay will cause the period to be late..

as for the omeprazole, the list of side effects is massive - if you were experiencing side effects, it could have affected your hormone production.


have you dne a test to comfirm if your pregnant of not./.. you can still bleed during pregnancy and have a perfectly normal pregnancy which most women mistake for a period...


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