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First time being pregnant - help on what to expect please?!!

Hubby and I have just found out we are expecting and I don't know what to expect so any help/advice/tips would be much appreciated. I'm about 4-5 weeks and I always imagined I'd be feeling sick, tired but so far i feel pretty normal other than sore breasts and a funny feeling in my tummy. Thought that was the beginning of a period but took tests and came back positive!

Thanks in advance

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Hey :) congratulations :) , im pregnant with my first too , and im now almost 26 weeks. Advice I would give you is to drink loads of water , as it prevents UTI'S , one which I had because I didnt drink enough water, also eat plenty of fruit , and have healthy snacks between meals , to stop you craving sugary foods :), when I was 8 weeks pregnant , I started having morning sickness, but its different for every woman , so you may be fortunate enough to not experience it :), its exciting when you feel your baby moving for the first time

( usually around 18 weeks + ) The feeling in your stomach is probably your uterus stretching and getting bigger,

If you want any more info , go to

Good luck with everything :),

R x


congrats! Im bwt the same as u i think.. Midwife cant tell yet.. My 3rd pregnancy but i lost my first 2 babies :/ pregnancy is wonderful and scary all in one... although it is healthy to eat fruit.. Becareful because our teeth are more prone to decay as we are pregnant are fruit is full of citric acids so make sure u brush ur teeth and the acid also makes heart burn worse... Main thing i always get in all my pregnancies! + i just wanna eat all the time :p good luck with ur pregnancy hope it goes well :) xxxx


Thanks so much ladies. I totally agree, it's wonderful and scary all at the same time. I keep on taking tests just to be 'sure' which is silly as each one comes back positive but it's almost as if i can't quite believe it as been planning our pregnancy for a while now and just so happy it happened!

Had my first lot of heartburn today - after every meal which was fine.

RAOGBOLE - will definitely look that website up.

How are you both getting on with your pregnancies? xx



I am also about 5-6 weeks and have exactly the same symptoms as you - I even thought I had period pain! Though I have to say that I have been feeling more tired today, but that could just be the beginning of the week! I'm thinking on the bright side - the longer I feel fine, then the less chance there is of someone guessing before I want them to know!

Good luck and thanks for posting as it's made feel quite reassured!



Smile123 -Have been experiencing heartburn recently too :), didnt really experience it early , yep my pregnancy is going fine :) just getting more tired again now , as im nearly in the 3rd trimester, but basically just enjoying feeling my little girl move :), im also struggling to avoid sugary things as I crave it a lot :s , but ive discovered if I eat loads of small meals and snacks, I can usually avoid it :) Also I cannot stop thinking about the birth already lol ,

Good luck with everything, and keep me updated on how your pregnancy goes ,

R x


Hi all! Really good to read all the comments. I've just found out that I am 2-3 weeks pregnant (5-6 from last period) its all rather confusing! Loving all the advice xxx


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