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? pregnancy symptoms

Not sure what is going on, but today i have had sickness all day, feeling like i need to pee all the time even when i have just been, i am also extremely tired, I have recently met a new guy even tho we havent had sex we have done other things, i am currently on implanon and the depo injection before that, i havent had a period in around 5 years. A pregnancy would be the last thing i need at a time like this. Is it possible i could be pregnant?

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To be honest hun, before I got pregnant I used ti get funny symptoms like this, amd the firs

Thing I thought was pregnancy! Its easy to do that as a woman lol. But because you havent had sex and you've got the implant, I dont reckon you would be. If you really think you are then just do a test to put your mind at rest :) xx


It sounds unlikely that you are pregnant maybe it is a water infection or similar? I would check with the doc and do a test if you want to make sure



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