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Worried but excited!

Well, I found out on friday that im pregnant for the 3rd time! Ive had 2 previous miscarriages, but im hoping this will be 3rd time lucky! Ive been experiening some pain that feel exactley like,period pains, so naturally I am worried. Im trying my best to stay focused on the positives, like im feeling nauseous which I didnt before, my boobs feel huge, im weeing alot more than I remember. Im going to get in touch with my doctor tomorrow and hopefully get given a number for a midwife as I just really need some reasurance! I dont even know how far along I am as I was on the pill! The pains sometimes feel a bit fluttery and tingly, has anyone else experienced this? Any replies would be greatly appriciated!

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Just now, nausea is your friend!

Such a scary time, particularly in your circumstances. But it sounds like all your symptoms are on track. So relax, enjoy, and take it day by day.

Wishing you all the best

R x



I have the exact symptoms you have. My period pains are the worst I've ever had and I feel sick pretty much most of the time. I am going to see a doctor tomorrow to get reassurance.


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