hi, can anyone help me I found out I was pregnant on the 18th of August and was very happy a thought everything was fine until the 30th of August when I was due my first app with my widwife was a normal day got up got dressed and about half 3 I had went to the toilet and noticed there was some clear discharge with little bits of stringy bits of blood through it and thought nothing of it as it was a small amount untill 5 mins later I was gettin read to leave n a felt as if I had peeded myself and I went to the toilet and there was a lot of blood instantly panicked still went to my app and told my midwife and she's booked me in to early pregnancy worries and scared is not the word but since that there has not been any bleeding at all can anyone help? thanks

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  • It's a good sign that you're not bleeding any more. And if you are not having cramps then that's even better news, but if you really are worried then ask to speak to your midwife again, I've read that some women can have a bleed anywhere between six to fourteen weeks. And I think that we all panic at some point whilst pregnant, I do, if you're still worried or anything changes again you could also contact Nhs direct, they've been very helpfully to me in the pass, best wishes

  • thank you I am goin to phone the hospital today and see wot they say x

  • Let us know how it goes.....fingers crossed it's just a normal bleed and nothing to worry about...

  • The first few weeks the body is adapting to the hormonal changes and the new life. However,

    I agree with thirdtimelucky that if you see more bleeding, call your health care provider again. Sometimes, you have to be a bit pushy... I happen to think that's okay. You are advocating for you and your baby. They can test to ease your worries.

  • I hope everything is ok. if it's any comfort, I had bleeding at 5 weeks and had to wait til 8 weeks for a scan but all is ok. I had no cramps and only that one instance of bleeding.

    Please try not to worry too much, call the midwife and hopefully she can put your mind at ease.

  • hi I was told to do another test over the weekend and I done one tday and it came bk positive so im still pregnant got early pregnancy on tues x

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