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Morning Sickness vanished - should i be worrying!!

I am just 7 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of weeks I have been feeling pretty rough with Morning Sickness all day. Headache constantly and feeling sick if i do not eat every hour or so - today although i felt a tiny bit sick this morning after I have breakfast I was fine. I even managed to drink this morning which i have not managed to do since about 5 weeks when i found out i was pregnant.

Should I be worrying?

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I really wouldnt worry. You could be having a good day. Just the same thing happened to me and I thought should I panic. The next day I woke up and felt yuck again. Good Luck x


So today still no sickness - getting increasingly worried which I know is not good for the baby. I keep trying to tell myself that there is nothing I can do so need to just be brave and take whatever comes.

I do still feel exhausted even though I slept from half 8 last night to half 6 this morning - so thinking of this as a postive and just one of the lucky ones who doesnt suffer that much.

I hope so anyways

Thanks for your reponse.



I am in my 7th week of pregnancy and I have no symptoms apart from sore boobs. In my first pregnancy I was sick every day until after my baby was born. It did get a little bit better after 4-5 months but not much. Now I have no symptoms, I am questioning that I am even pregnant at all. I have done about 8 pregnancy tests just to be 100% sure that this is not a phantom pregnancy. I have lost 2 pregnancies previously and this one is so much different from all of them. I sympathise why you are worried that you have no or less symptoms, I can't wait for my scan. I am going to Poland in a few weeks so I will get an early scan whilst I am there as it costs a fraction as it does here.


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