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Could I b pregnant?

I'm 40 I have one daughter who is 7 born through ivf, I've suffered one eptopic pregnancy prior to her birth. I've a partner who I have been with for 2 yrs and I have not taken contraception in this time as I was told with one Fallopian tube that's damaged the likelihood of becoming pregnant successfully was practically non existent. In an ideal world to b pregnant at this moment in time is not what I would choose. For the last yr my periods have become irregular with upto 7 weeks between them and a few normal 28 day ones. I was due to have a 28 day period a week ago but 2 weeks ago 1 week after ovulation I woke 2 mornings with severe cramps and bleeding bright red I'd say more of a watery blood than a normal bleed which tailed off to nothing by the afternoon. Exactly the same both days then nothing. I put it down to my period until this week when I've been feeling dizzy and a bit short breathed and on tuesday of this week I nearly fainted which has only ever happened to me twice in my life. So this is unusual for me. My mum is a nurse and has taken my blood pressure twice since and it has been slightly low. I've been reading about implantation bleeds and cramps.

Can anyone offer advice or has had the same, could I be pregnant? I guess I should test as this will tell me now.

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I think you've answered your own question, a test is the only way to find out! Maybe also a trip to the GP. If you get no joy from the test, the other possibility is that (sorry but) it could be the start of the menopause.


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