Am i pregnant??

Pls help, i came off the mini pill 5wks ago for 2 weeks i got all the usual syptoms of a period with light spotting at this time i had unprotected with my hubby the day after all my period syptoms disapered along with the light spotting 1week later i woke up feeling yuk which lasted only an hour and its been every other day or so ive also been getting accational heartburn and slightly sore nipples this sunday will be 2 week since we had unprotected sex i did a pregnancy test on monday just gone and it was neg but think it might have been to early i well confused as not had a period in 5 years with being on the

mini pill any advise would be much appriciated many thanks.

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  • Hi Sarahlou,

    While it is possible to fall pregnant straight away, it often takes people a little longer having come off the pill. It could be that you tested too early, so testing again now should give a positive result if you are pregnant. But it may well be that it's taking a while for your hormones to settle into a normal balance, and this can produce odd symptoms.

    Hope it all works out for you.

    R x

  • Hi R

    Just want to thank you for your reply since then my symptoms got worse displaying all the signs of pregnancy so been to see my gp and he explained its was down to coming off the pill and that week i got my period what a relief after all that its made me think twice about ever going in the mini pill in the future as i never want to experience another 3 weeks like that again

    Thank you

    sarahlou x

  • Hi Sarahlou,

    So glad that it worked out for you - the uncertainty is terrible, isn't it? :)

    Take care

    R x

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