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am i pregnant?

its been almost 8 weeks and 4 days, since i last had intercourse with my boyfriend. It was protected sex and the condom did not break nor ripped. I've taken two pregnancy tests one week each after my period. My first period was missed by one day but came the next day. I think that was due to stress. The second period came on time. I've had some of the pregnancy symptoms i.e. Nausea, frequent urine and a loss of appetite, i spoke to the doctor before i had my period and he told me that it was "very unlikely" of me to be pregnant but i still worry.

As i have stated above, i've been experiencing these symptoms for 2 weeks or a month; after that month, the symptoms had disappeared. Do you think i should stop worrying or take another pregnancy test? I mean I am going to see my GP today about it...

I just really need to know what to do. Please provide me with sufficent advice, thank you.

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Hi Leiko,

Why not see what your GP says about your symptoms....sometimes symptoms such as nausea and frequently urinating have a different cause than pregnancy.

Considering that you had protected sex, have not missed your periods and have tested negative, you are probably not pregnant - but be sure to raise your concern with your GP and there is no harm in taking another test to be sure.

Let us know what you find out from the GP.

All the best,

Alice x


Thank you. I am so grateful that i am not pregnant at this very moment in time. Thank you Alice for your advice and information! It has helped me and what you have said- was exactly what my GP had told me yesterday and he performes another test which was negative again. I can finally relax! Thank you soo much!


Meant performed :)


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