my early scan showed no baby or sac??

i had my last period on 1st may, had a positive test on 26th may, i went to walk in centre on 1st june as i had spot of bleeding (stopped same day) the done bloods, had scan weds 6th june and they couldnt find anything :( they took bloods that day and rang in the afternoon to say that my hormone levels had rose quite significantly since the fri i have another scan on fri 15th june, there concerned it could be ectopic or im just alot earlier then they thought?? im so scared im going to miscarry ive had 2 previous and convinced this is going to happen again, would a pregnancy test even come up if i was only 3 weeks?? a friend said maybe it could be twins as its double the hormone so its detected it earlier??

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  • I'm sorry no one has answered your question yet. Unfortunately I'm not qualified to give you any insights into what might be going on either, but I can imagine how anxious you must be, so I just wanted to say that you're in my thoughts and that I hope everything turns out OK.

    I'm 8 weeks along and have been worried since I found out, just because we were trying for two and a half years before we conceived, and I can't help but feel that if we lose this one we'll have to wait another two and a half years. (I know that's not how it works, but we're entitled to our irrational fears, are we not?) I've found that meditation one or two times daily has been very helpful in managing my anxiety (despite being generally skeptical about such things), and some of my physical symptoms, which were probably exacerbated by anxiety. I doubt it would affect the outcome of your pregnancy in any way, but perhaps it would help get you through the next five days of not knowing a little more easily, and if the pregnancy turns out to be viable, hold you in good stead for 8 more months of nail-biting.

    If you're interested, I used this article for basic instructions (in spite of the probably unrealisitic claims about effectiveness as a "cure" for morning sickness): I had taken a class in meditation years ago, but needed to read something to refresh my memory, as I hadn't practiced since. I find it quite difficult to focus on a single word, so depending on my mood, I'll either count my breaths (seeing the number in my mind while inhaling, then watching it dissipate while exhaling), or do a visualization where I walk through a pleasant landscape. I'm guessing what landscape is the most calming is a matter of personal preference, but I usually feel quite good after walking through the woods for a while, then down to a deserted beach where I let the waves wash the sand from under my feet for a while before lying down on the sand and letting the warmth of the sun wash over me. The main thing if you're going to do a visualization is to let yourself feel all the sensations, e.g. the way the sand feels under your feet, the smell of the fresh air in the woods, the vibrancy of any flowers you pass along the way, etc. And the article mentions it, but it can't be emphasized enough--you will get distracted and random thoughts will pop into your head. Don't let that frustrate you, just acknowledge the thought and send it away--you can even visualize the thought itself as some words or a bubble and gently tap it away with your finger. It's probably not important, and if it is, you'll remember it when you're done meditating.

    I hope everything goes well for you--if you feel up to it, let us know how your scan went.

  • Hiya, I'm a midwife. Early pregnancy is not my field of expertise really, but I think the gestation at time of your first scan will be too early to show anything really. The earliest scan i've ever seen was 5 weeks and it looked nothing like a baby! The fact that your hormone levels had increased is a good sign, so I would not be disheartened at this point. Ensure you take your folic acid and avoid smoking/drinking and those foods you know you shouldnt eat in pregnancy. This is the critical time ... hope your next scan has better outcome. Kate xx

  • Hi Cassie2012, I feel your pain as I am sitting in hospital bed waiting for the results of my blood test for HCG. My last cycle was on 4th May and when I was due my next cycle in June,I missed it. I waited a couple more days but nothing showed so I bought a clear blue pregnancy,did the test which was negative. I waited a couple more days to see if my cycle would come but no show,so I took another test,it was also negative but after ten minutes,there was a faint line but I had to disregard it as it was after the 3 minute period. I then went to a walk in centre and they did a test which had a faint line to show that I was pregnant,though I was not convinced. I was told it was early stages and perhaps the faint line would show more after a few days. In the meantime,I was experiencing pain in my left lower abdomen and the Dr at the walk in centre had suggested to go to A n E if the pain got worse. The pain did get worse on Friday night/early Sat morning. They have done a scan and were not able to see anything as they say its too early to see a sac and perhaps a week more they will be able to see more. They also said that the lining in my womb was thick and that is a good sign, but I am waiting for the Dr to give me an all clear on my blood test to rule out ectopic pregnancy. The pain in my lower abdomen has since subsided and there is nothing worse than being left in limbo. Its our first and honestly,just slightly anxious. I am just being positive and hopeful that everthing will be fine,so we can enjoy the whole experience. Try to stay positive regardless of the fear.prepare to embrace it and love every bit about your pregnancy. I know its easier said than done but positive energy brings back positivity. Goodluck and I'll be thinking of you on the 15th as I might also be having my scan then. All the best :)

  • I Also went through this, our storie's are similar. I Went for an early scan mainly for reassurance as i got pregnant within 2 months of having a miscarriage.There was like an air bubble with nothing inside the doctors asked me to come back 2 weeks later . i stressed for 2 whole weeks checking everytime i went to the loo as i was also having alot of brown and clear discharge(sorry to much info!) convinced i was about to miscarry went back to the hospital after 2 weeks. There Was A Sac An Embryo And A Heartbeat !!!! They Also Dated Me To 6 Weeks 3 Day's Althou I Had Tested Positive over 3 Weeks before Which Would Been To Early... They Said It Had Just Had A Sudden Growth Spurt And I Should Get Dated Again Incase Of Another Spurt Before My 12 Week Scan. Good Luck Fingers Crossed Maybe Even Be Twins.. :) X

  • Good luck today x

  • hi everyone thankyou so much for ur replies, i have good news went for scan on friday and everything seems fine they think im about 6 half weeks got midwife booked fri 29th to organise 12 week scan so all good so far :).....and there was definetly only one baby lol, also my hormone level went from 709 to 4377 in 5 days is that good?? xx

  • Congratulations Cassie, it's lovely to hear a happy ending xx

  • Great news, Congratulations. Your hormone level will double every 48 hours, so all sounds on track. X

  • Yay! That's wonderful news--thanks for coming back and updating!

  • That's fantastic news, congratulations :) xx

  • Thats such good news- congratiulations. How did you get on at your booking appointment? x

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