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Hello, I am new here and I am a 40 year old woman who's trying to conceive even though the odds are stacked against me so for the past few days I have been experiencing sharp nipple pain and painful breast pain on both my inner breasts. Since yesterday I thought my period was coming since I bled but I noticed the it went away and it will show up or not show up on my tissue when I wiped. I am confused because I have all of the symptoms of my period but I never had sharp pain in my nipples and when I wipe as i said it looks like implantation and then there is nothing on the tissue. I don't know what to think and my periods have been regular for months and now with this so called on and off bleeding 5 days before my period is due is worrisome.

3 Replies
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hello, it happens when you expect the least, there is a possibility of pregnancy, did you try taking pregnancy test? Also if spotting is dark red it could be implantation.

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If you're only a few days away from your period you could try taking an early detection pregnancy test, good luck

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I'm very holistic and try every vitamins and minerals etc.

Maca roots is good for fertility and it can also act like a viagra for women.

Folic acid and vitamin D. B12 vitamin C.

Probiotics for gut health and try not to get stressed it has an impact on out immune system.

Good luck. Xx

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