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been trying for over a year 2nd baby. Nothing happening, I’ve had blood tests, ultrasound and internal, all fine, husband semen sample fine.

We have been left in the dark about what to do next, doctor telephone appointment with husband said his results were fine, I’ve now got to refer myself to have due inserted and then x Ray. But what I wanna know of why do I have to refer myself and why can’t the doctors do this???

Im just worried that our daughter won’t have a sibling, we have an amazing daughter. I just want a sibling for her. I’ve just had a good cry into my pillow as I’m scared this won’t happen.

We are having sex before during and after ovulation, we have tried every day, every other to not putting any pressure on it. Nothing is happening

3 Replies
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in my area the doctor did refer us for this procedure but it maybe be different in different health boards. I would recommend joining and posting on the fertility network page on here as there is loads of info and ladies on there who will have been through this referral process for fertility support and may even be in your area 💜 sending you a big hug! Xx

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thank you so much for that, I’m sorry but how do I find the fertility network page? x

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Purpledoggy in reply to Annh17 xx

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