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Am I pregnant?!

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Im in the time period right now where i should be getting my period. Whenever i wipe while using the bathroom ive had bloodly like discharge but it isn't enough that it falls onto my panty liner. I took this test at around 8 pm last night and it was negative with in the time window, I looked back at it this morning and theres a faint thin line? Me and my partner have never had unprotected sex and the last time we had sex was way over a month ago and I had gotten a normal period after that time of sex.

So im really confused and anxious. Any thoughts??

3 Replies
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It’s an evaporation line, these tests are well known for them. If it was negative within the timeframe then you’re not pregnant xx

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flamingos_j in reply to KiboXX

thank you so much, I went and got a pink dye 1st response and took it and it came back completely negative.

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the reason why tests aren’t reliable after a while is because they can show evaporation lines which I’m guessing is what’s showing there. So I would guess you aren’t. Your period could just be late? See what happens in next couple of days. It’s very unlikely if you’ve used contraception properly x

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