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7 weeks 4 days done a test as still no major symptoms and control line is darker

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Hi everyone. I know I sound paranoid (which surprisingly I haven’t been until now) but since my missed miscarriage in March I am getting worried. I am feeling as I did back then, no symptoms other than slightly sore boobs, and cramping that comes and goes, like random twinges. I’ve tested (i know I shouldn’t) but my control line is darker than test line now. I’ve had no such thing as a dye stealer either, instead just looking rather faint. So I’m not actually sure what I am asking here. As I suppose any reassurance can still mean it’s not looking great like before 😓

Ps the bottom test was this morning 24/06

Thanks guys x

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Have you tried using digital instead and seeing what they say? You could request blood tests with your gp if they would be willing x

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The last time I took a digital was 2 weeks ago where it said 3+ weeks and a week before that also 3+. Should I do another one you think? I was thinking of doing one then thought it could still potentially say 3+ with something bad still happening ☹️ X

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HollyT7 in reply to Hippy248

I would probably have done one. the thing is, your not going to have much certainty until either a scan or if something not so good starts to happen unfortunately. it could just be that your hormones are taking a while to rise up. Either way, if your going to test again using fr I would leave it a few days, that way if it is unfortunately fading, you will get a better picture xxx

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Hippy248 in reply to HollyT7

Thank you so much xxx

I’m sorry you’re so stressed, pregnancy after loss is really difficult 😞 Have you heard of the hook effect? I don’t know a huge amount about it but this was the reason I tried to stop testing this late. Look it up but the basics are that by now your HCG will be so high it will overwhelm the test and the test line starts looking paler. A bit like the opposite of a dye stealer I guess.

If you get a pale test line, dilute the same wee with water and test again - if it’s hook effect it should be darker from the diluted urine. But really only a scan or blood tests will put your mind at ease. Wishing you so much luck xx

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Hippy248 in reply to Solly-44

Ahhh thank you so much for your kind words. It is stressful after loss, I’ve been relatively calm until this test 😓 but yes I have heard of the hook effect and have been researching it. I’m hoping it’s just that as I never did have a dye stealer either. Thank you for your kind words and support xxx

I know it must be stressful after a loss, but genuinely the lack of symptoms doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had 3 healthy pregnancies and never had morning sickness. Your cramping is normal and is most likely round ligament pain- I had that, and sore boobs is normal. The only other symptom I had was bloating and tiredness. Have you been in touch to sort out maternity care yet? If not please do and discuss any worries you have with your midwife xx

Ahh that’s so positive and hopeful! i think because I felt like this last time and had a missed miscarriage it makes you question if it’s happening again. I haven’t been in touch with any maternity care yet, still waiting for a letter for my first appointment. However, I am going to ring the docs Monday as they couldn’t speak to me yesterday, just for some reassurance. Thank you so much xxx

Maybe try doing your test later in the day?! Sometimes too much HCG makes it lighter. It’s called the hook effect! I was the sand and tested so much, worrying about the line getting darker so I know how you feel but try thinking positive thoughts. You’ve got this💪🏼❤️Xx

Ahhh thank you so much for your kind words and support. I really do appreciate it. I have heard of the hook effect so I am hoping it’s just that for sure! I might just do that and test later on too. Thank you again xxx

Hi Lovely, yes I agree with Solly as this happened to me. The test becomes overwhelmed as your HCG is so high the test gets confused. Once I diluted with water 50/50 it evened it out but to be honest this was the reason I stopped testing after this as it gave me a big scare too xx

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Hippy248 in reply to Jonesy84

I definitely think I need to stop testing. And I will for sure. I’m hoping that’s the case and may try the 50/50. Thank you so much xxx

Oh it’s so hard in early pregnancy after a loss and particularly a missed miscarriage, it makes one really paranoid. I have been there too and I was testing compulsively.

The only thing that put my mind at ease was a scan. My local EPU were happy to offer me weekly scans until a heartbeat was detected, simply because I had a miscarriage previously.

Also agree about the HCG effect so late in pregnancy. The type of HCG produced is different now to that produced in early pregnancy, so there will be a point when you might actually have a bump, feel the baby kick and a pregnancy test would turn negative. It is now the time to stop testing.

If you can’t have a scan, a GP might be able to offer you a blood test instead to check your level of HCG is within normal range for this stage in pregnancy. That test will be able to detect the slightly different HCG that you are producing now.

Good luck and fingers crossed! 🤗

Thank you so much for your kind words and support. I really appreciate it. I’m going to do just that just for a little bit of reassurance. You can’t help but worry after loss. But definitely time to stop testing now for sure! Thank you again xxx

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