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Cow & Gate Nutriprem2

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Hi, is anyones baby on Nutriprem2 by Cow & Gate? We recently changed my 6month old babys milk and still have around 90 C&G Nutriprem 200ml bottles left and im really not sure what to do with them. Seems like such a waste to throw them away.

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Sell them on Facebook, or give them to a food charity? Ask the hospital if they can use them?

I don't think hospitals will take the milk even though the bottles are unopened. Might give them to charity if no one wants them, don't really want to sell it, thank you.

Hi, I would just use them up…. I kept my preemie on Nutriprem until 1 year before moving. Advice was 6 months but I had a lot left!

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My son unfortunately isn't putting on weight with Nutriprem, im really hoping the new milk works for him, he's 6 months but half the size of his twin.

I’ve drop you a message :)

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