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Pregnancy Test Results?

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I have taken two First Response tests. What do you see please - positive or negative?

I am due to start my period tomorrow.

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Sorry pic didn't attach to original post

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Mummymad2022 in reply to Usermum

I definitely see a line. Mine was faint like that with afew off my pregnancys. Congratulations. X

I can see a very very faint line on both, check again in a day or 2 xx

I know it may be hard to tell but do the lines look coloured at all? Mine were this faint with my second and she’s now 3 & half! I have had some indent lines too though but they were very grey in colour and with babies they were pink xx

At the moment those are negative tests, try again in a couple of days

I only see one line. It might be too early though.

Looks positive it's light but it's there take another one in a couple days

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