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Not feeling baby 's movement

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Hello my lovelies! I'm presently 20weeks pregnant with my first child. I learned I'm supposed to be feeling the baby's movement and kicking by this time but I have not felt anything. Had my last appointment 3weeks ago and everything was perfectly okay. I'm just worried over it.

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I did not feel anything until about 21 weeks and even then it was tiny taps. I did not get more convincing movements until after 22 weeks and they were not very regular. If your placenta is anterior this will reduce your ability to feel them. If you haven't felt them by 24 weeks that is the time to discuss with your midwife/obstetrician xx

I'm 19 weeks and it's my 1st pregnancy. Also not felt anything yet. Got my 20 week scan next week though so, like you a bit worried, but hoping all will be well.

Amen! My next scan is also next week and I know all will be well and soon we will have our little lovelies. Thanks and I wish you all the best.

I didn’t feel anything really until 22 weeks and nothing significant until 24. I had anterior placenta and they said that might be why as the placenta was likely cushioning the kicks for a few extra weeks and it was perfectly normal especially for 1st pregnancies but to feel anything for a few weeks yet. If you are worried defo speak to your midwife though that’s what they are for 🤗 xx

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My placenta is anteriorly sited. I was also told that it takes time with first pregnancy. But you know mothers and their worries. I will remain calm till my next appointment next week. Thanks alot.

I only started to feel tiny like butterflies after week 22. I wasn’t sure what it was but would say I only started to feel proper movement around 24 weeks. Everyone is different and it’s harder to tell in your first pregnancy apparently. Also if you were previously quite active and into exercise before getting pregnant, you will only feel movement later on. Honestly nothing to worry about! Baby will be fine xx

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I think I'm just being worried for nothing and it's possible I'm having those little flutters but did not notice them since its my first. I will just have to wait and my next appointment is next week. Thanks🙏💕

Hey Hun. I'm at the same stage. I have felt little flutters so maybe you have felt them but not realised yet. After you've eaten a meal, have a sit down or lie down on your back and see if you can feel flutters or what felt like muscle twitches when I first started noticing them.

If you are really getting anxious, call your midwife, tell them what's on your mind and see if you can go in and get baby checked over.

I’m pregnant with twins and was told I’d feel babies around weeks 18-19 but I didn’t really start to feel them until about week 19-20, and even then I couldn’t be sure. It felt like flutters, like a wave had passed over my belly. It was only really from week 22/23 that I started to make out real movements. Try not to worry xx

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Yes dear! I will try not to worry. The little flutters may be there. I will try to observe them carefully.

At that stage I had had flutters sometimes but they were so infrequent and faint, I wasn't sure they were movements (and I was really looking out for them). I wouldn't even have been worried except the midwife had asked if I could feel anything yet at one of my earlier appointments and when I said no she said it's normal not to until later on the first, and if you have an anterior placenta (like I do), until more like 24-26 weeks - wish she hadn't asked really if that was the case. At my 20 week scan I could see the baby going bonkers punching and kicking away (and doing somersaults!) and I felt absolutely nothing, so that helped a bit. People kept asking me casually had I felt anything - I think it's just something people ask and it's well meaning, but it sent me into a bit of a tailspin. Maybe around 23 weeks, I started to feel things that were more recognisable and over next couple of weeks, more little bursts at night or in the morning around the edges of my abdomen, but still can't feel anything in the centre of my abdomen where I guess my placenta is. So maybe just wait a few more weeks.

My mom and sisters are always asking me if I'm already feeling movement. And since I haven't felt any, the questions were just getting to me. I know they mean well and as well anxious because I had 2mcs before this very one. My placenta is anterior. So I will just wait a few more weeks. Thanks a lot🙏💕

Hi, I think speak to your midwife if you feel nothing by 24 weeks. I know what you mean about family asking me f you have felt movement yet. When it is your first and you have an anterior placenta, it is really hard to tell. When I thought I felt a few things around the 20 week mark, I was not sure if it was trapped wind! So my response to people that asked was “I think so but can’t be sure at this stage. Maybe it is just gas!” 😂

With my placenta being anterior, I started feeling more definite movements around week 22. Mine was like a pop and little taps. I did not notice flutters until later.

Hey, don't worry yourself too much. They say if it's your first baby you may not be able to feel the kicks till after 20 weeks. But if you don't feel anything by 24 weeks you need to tell your midwife. And if its really worrying you have a word with them anyway. Hope you feel something soon.

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