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20 week scan anxiety 😣

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I have my 20 week scan tomorrow and I’m sooo anxious.

I had a private scan at about 15 weeks and everything was absolutely perfect but I haven’t felt much movement or at least noticed movement… it’s hard to tell as this is my first pregnancy after a long time trying and 2 failed IVF rounds, so I don’t really know what I’m looking for and I’ve googled and googled it and I feel like I’m just driving myself insane!!

If anyone has any advice on staying relaxed between now and tomorrow I’d really appreciate it or if anyone has had anything similar and stories to share I’d be so great full ❤️

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Oh good luck! I’m not there yet but I know the anxiety that you feel.. it seems the same before each scan. If you’ve not felt pain or bleeding then chances are things are ok… the chances after 12 weeks of mc are extremely low, so statistics are in your side! Good luck xx

Thank you❤️ I know I was the same at my 12 week scan. No thankfully I haven’t but I think you just over think everything. I’m counting down the hours lol. Good luck in your pregnancy too!❤️

I was the same before every scan, and I had a lot of private and NHS scans for reassurance, and as I was spotting. I didn't really feel any movement by 20 weeks and although I was told it was normal (especially if you have an anterior placenta) I couldn't shake the worry - it was more like 23/24 weeks that I could definitely feel movements and still not that often. I hold my breath until I can see the baby move on the screen. And just to warn you, the 20 week scan is long - they measure and check everything and each time they said something I was going is that good or bad, is that normal, is that ok then?... And if your little one decides to be awkward they can't get the measurements or images they want which means it takes longer, or you may have to go back, which adds to the worry. I have no tips on relaxing (bar don't google) - my BP was through the roof before my scan, to the point they said I should go away, breathe and come back in 10mins to redo it or at the level it was they would admit me there and then. I breathed, it went down, and everything was fine at the scan - 'beautifully average' was the way they put it :) which I was very relieved about and the thoroughness of what they test has definitely helped with the anxiety generally.

Aww thank you! I think I’m probably going to book some more private scans between now and due date just for piece of mind. Thank you so much about the info at 20 week scan I’d probably been lying there in panic think what is taking so long 🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m going to try and be as relaxed as I can be tomorrow for my scan and try and stay positive. I jusy feel like it’s so long in between each scan it gives me to much time to think and worry about things!xx

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I would 100% agree with MrsOrangejuice in that the scan seems to take forever!!!They did warn me at the start that they will check and measure organs, limbs etc…before confirming all is ok.

It seemed to go on and on!! I just tried to lie still and focus on my breathing which helped 😊. Good luck today, hope all is well, try to keep busy until it’s time to go xx

Hi albbbxo, Try not to worry as Mrs orange juice said if your placenta is anterior ( which mine was) you might not feel the babies movements till later on I was about 23/24 weeks before I got movement and yes my little one was a much wished for ivf little bump. I was paranoid and most people didn't know I was pregnant ( thank you lockdown and working from home(

As I was an older mum i did have more scans than normal and paid for some private too.

The result is my little boy who at 7 months has kept me up half the night and is currently crashed out on me. I wouldn't change it for the world. Good luck.

Aww thank you, it makes me feel so much more reassured to know I’m not the only one! Did they tell you at your 20 week scan about your placenta? I’ve not really told many people either tbh and I don’t wear tight clothes so you can’t see my little bump🥰😅. I’m definitely going to book private scans, awww congratulations 🥰 glad everything went okay! Thank you ❤️

I was told they suspected it at my 12 week scan and confirmed it was anterior at 20 week scan. Like LdS87 my scan took ages and even had to go walk around for a bit as the little monster didn't want to be measured. Try not to worry ( easier said than done) they will have you set up for lots more appointments to check the little ones growth that are/specific to you and you always get lots of support from the midwives.

Aww albbbxo I'm really sorry to hear this, this was me 8 weeks ago. I don't think there is anything that I can say to make you feel better, just try to try relax and do something to take your mind off it. The 20 week scan is quite long and in depth so that helped put some of my worries to rest. I didn't start feeling kicks until I was nearly 24 weeks and my placenta is in my back but thankfully they have come and they are strong. Since 20 weeks I have become less worried but I do still have good and bad days so I would suggest booking in a private scan if you felt it would help. From 25 weeks you get midwife appointments every 3 weeks so I feel like this has helped me feel less worried. Good luck! Lauren x

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I’m looking forward to scan to see what they say but there’s always that ounce of worry one the back of mind. I think once the kicks start I’ll be a lot more relaxed and hopefully when they do they’re nice and strong. Yes I agree I think once I start seeing my midwife more I’ll definitely be more relaxed as I’ll be able to speak to them. Thanks lauren! Good luck too❤️

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No problem, I hope your scan went well 😊 I bet it was lovely to see them aswell. Try to worry too much about the kicks, although I know it's alright me saying this now as people would say this to me a few weeks ago and it didn't make me feel any better. What I will say is I started feeling the kicks at 24 weeks but I am 28 weeks now and they've only started getting stronger and into a pattern. I conceived naturally but I was told that it was unlikely I would conceive so I was at the point that I fell pregnant looking at fertility treatments so I have struggled with anxiety most of the way through my pregnancy so far as I didn't understand how I'd been so lucky to get pregnant xxx

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I hope that makes sense and comes across properly!

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It really was lovely, I love getting to see her on the screen and jusy see her wiggling and moving around. I suppose everyone is different when it comes to feeling the movements I think once they start I’ll probably be anxious at first and monitoring everything but I’m just going to relax and if I’m concerned speak to my midwife. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy ❤️

Take a deep breath your half way there. It’s extremely rare for anything to go wrong. I didn’t feel my first pregnancy properly at those weeks. Your doing fine. Deep breaths. You have got this! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Thank you!❤️ I try and tell myself this all the time but sometimes it’s just not enough but I’m really going to relax from now on. ❤️

Hi albbbbxo,

I had my 20 week scan on the 29th December and like you was very anxious! This is my first pregnancy and it's been really rough as I was diagnosed with hyperemesis from week 6. Thankfully the vomit has eased but the anxiety has stuck... every scan I have been convinced that something is wrong and this only added to the anxiety of going to the 20 week one. I just gave myself plenty of time to get there, did lots of deep breathing and made sure I wore comfortable clothes. All small things but can make you feel a bit more in control and calmer. The scan is very indepth but the detail is unbelievable and so wonderful to see! I have a slightly low lying placenta so will be having another scan at 32 weeks. This was explained to me in detail by a lovely and reassuring midwife and I went away feeling much better. I'm sure you'll receive the same excellent care and reasurance! Take care and all the best!

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Aww no I’m glad the vomiting has eased for you but can totally agree that the anxiety sucks! The scan went really well and everything was fine so I should just trust in my body that it can do this💪🏼. She wouldn’t move so the lady could do the checks on her heart but she said from what she could see she was happy but wants me to go back at 23 weeks so they can have the measurements. I have an anterior placenta so she said thst I might not feel movement yet. Take care and all the best in your pregnancy ❤️

Hello dear, first fall. Congratulations and I know how you feel. Last year we did IVF and it failed. IVF failed after 18 months of marriage. I was broke at that time. But I didn't lose hope. And be positive during that time. And after 18 months we got pregnant naturally. now I am 33 weeks pregnant. And it was a great achievement. I know your fear I faced many problems during pregnancy too but whenever I am scared or confused I always keep chanting that everything is fine, I am fine, my baby is fine and we are fine. Always repeat this word. And trust me it always works on me and my baby. I can't tell you about my entire pregnancy journey how hard it was. But never lose hope. You just stay positive and stress free and relax.👍🙏

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Thank you! It definitely added to the stress after trying for so long! Massive congratulations on conceiving naturally 🥰 definitely going to have more confidence in myself and thst I can do this! Everything was fine with baby so I jusy need to stop worrying and enjoying the time I have left before she is here. All the best xx

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All the best 👍.


I’m currently 29 weeks and I didn’t feel anything until 24 weeks at the earliest so try not to worry too much (easier said than done). Once you start feeling those movements - you’ll find the baby has a little rave every night as you settle yourself in bed.

The 20 week scan did fill me with anxiety and stress too but try and keep yourself busy as already suggested otherwise you’ll work yourself up.

Do let us know how you come along :)


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Congratulations!❤️ they confirmed I have an anterior placenta but should feel her moving soon and if not by 24 weeks to speak to my midwife. Everything was perfect, except she was lieing very awkwardly and wouldn’t move for them to check her heart, they said what they could see was great but want me back at the end of jan so they can get the measurements xx

Hi love, it is absolutely normal not to feel the movements at this stage, you will feel them in a couple of weeks and you will see that the quickening pattern of your baby will be regular from 28 weeks. The sonographer told me this when I went for my 20 weeks scan. I was also told by my IVF clinic and doctor that the baby is secure at this stage (at 20 weeks). During that scan, they will tell you the gender of your baby, do a full growth scan and probably give you the weight of the baby, that you can find out by measuring the femur and the head. And you are right to feel anxious,, I was nervous too! it is not an easy process but if your 15 week scan was normal, the one you will have tomorrow will be normal too! Good luck!

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Thank you! Everything went really well thank you! Just have to go back to get the heart measurements as she was lieing awkwardly. I’m definitely just going to relax from now on and not give myself stress for no reason! I’m excited to start feeling her move more xx

Try deep breathing meditation. It really helped. It’s hard when movements haven’t come into full swing. We underwent our first IvF not first pregnancy and my anxiety was through the roof! Our darling little boy was all safe and well and he arrived 5 months ago. We did have further monitoring at 28 weeks onwards with regular scans. Big hugs and hope your scan goes well! X

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Congratulations 💙 I’m definitely going to try taking my mind off thinking about it 24/7 and enjoy the time I have left being pregnant before she arrives. Scan went really well thank you! Just have to go back in a few weeks to get the heart measurements as she wouldn’t play ball and move foe them to see lol but they were happy woth everything xx

Hey, I felt anxious before my scan which I had just before Christmas. I think its normal to feel abit anxious but try not to get too worked up. Most likely everything is ok and you'll be laughing tomorrow and asking your self why you stressed so much. Also I have read that if its your first baby you may not be able to feel much movement it may be harder to tell. But if you haven't felt any movementand its worrying you have a word with them tomorrow. I get worked up when baby doesn't move for a few hours but always does eventually after putting my feet up.

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Yeah everything went really well thank you! I literally said to my boyfriend we didn’t need to get so worked up about it because everything was absolutely fine. Yeah I had read that too, she said with my placenta being at the front it cushions the movement but she said if still not felt her by 24 weeks to speak to my midwife so I’m going to see what happens over the next few weeks xx

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That's good to hear. Yes if you sense less movement or no movement in the future call them straight away don't wait until next day


I can sympathise. I am 14wks 5days and I’m past my12wk scan but no where near my 20wk and this time in the middle just feels like a big gap of hope and unknown. Especially as I’m not far enough to feel anything yet and I don’t really have any symptoms.

I did read in a pregnancy article you can feel movements anywhere from 16-24wks but that it’s different for everyone and it can be later with first pregnancies. So as easy as it is to say try not to worry.

Lots of luck tomorrow 💕💕

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