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31 weeks pregnant and my husband is covid positive

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Hello everyone, I am 31 weeks pregnant and we just got to know yesterday that my husband is covid positive. Please help me and tell us what to do now. And which medicine is good for that. He is not feeling well, he has fever, cold, cough.

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My husband caught covid at the start of the pandemic when I was 30 weeks pregnant. There was no testing then so unbeknown to us I also had covid (we found out from taking an antibody test a couple of months later). For his symptoms I’d try to bring the fever down with paracetamol and make sure he gets lots of rest and fluids. It’s a personal choice as to whether you try to isolate from him to avoid catching it yourself, but I’d probably contact your midwife and explain the situation. When I had my booking in appointment for my most recent pregnancy the midwife advised to contact them if me or anyone in my household contracted covid. Wishing him a speedy recovery and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well :)

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Thanks for reply 🙂 your comment make me strong. God bless you too

Hi Dilpreet, I'm sorry ot hear he's caught covid. Im 29 weeks and husband had a positive test yesterday I'm currently negative. I'm just trying my hardest to stay away and I'm taking tests every morning. Also making sure the rooms are well ventilated. As previous person said entry of water and paracetamol. I hope he gets better soon. X

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Thanks for reply. God bless you too

My husband has also tested positive for Covid today, but has had symptoms for a few days. I have symptoms - bad chest, temperature, very tired - but still testing negative. I think my test will turn like his did (it took four days of testing for it to show). I’m 29 weeks pregnant with twins and a little worried and not sure what to do. He’s in a different room to me, all windows are open, we are both drinking fluids and I’ve used detol on all surfaces including door handles. He’s walking around with a mask and marigold gloves on when he is out of his room!! I think it’s too late for me not to catch it ☹️ but I’ll contact my doctor tomorrow for some reassurance. Darn Covid, it’s everywhere!! Xx

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Sorry to hear this. But I am sure you have not caught this virus. If you had your full vaccine and also had the flu jab and whooping cough vaccine. I think these vaccines are saving me a little. I pray for you and hope we all deliver a healthy baby. God bless us and our family and our newborn baby.🙏

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I have the virus, I’ve tested strong positive this morning 🥺 will call the doctors and see what they say xx

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Ohh I'm sorry dear. I hope you get well soon. You should call your midwife. Hope she can give you a good advice. Be strong and positive. I am sending my blessings 🙌 to you and your baby 👶

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I have to go into hospital to be assessed so I’m in route now 🤞🏻 Thank you ♥️ Xx

Oh dear I hope he feels better soon. I caught COVID when I was 20 weeks pregnant and developed a very nasty cough. I isolated away from my husband and little girl but they both still caught it in the end.I recommend lots of fluids and rest. Eat plenty of fruit - blueberries, apples, oranges etc… paracetamol. I was drinking hot honey and lemons to help my throat but that’s because I was pregnant so couldn’t have over the counter medicine.

I hope he gets better soon. X

More of a general reply. I gave birth a week ago and myself and my partner were Covid positive. It was like having a horrible cold which was not great during labour but could have been so much worse. I had my own room at hospital because of this which was actually a plus! My partner was still allowed at the birth but couldn’t leave. Most importantly baby was and is well, and I have recovered

Hello dear Good to hear that your baby is fine. God bless you both soon. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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Hi BRdouble86, could you provide more information about your husband not being able to leave?

My wife’s 39 weeks, I tested positive 6 days ago and she is still testing negative.

She is expecting to be induced on Wednesday.

My symptoms are very mild to non existent, I just had a scratchy throat / throat burn and nose tickle which made me sneeze.

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Thank God that now husband's test has come negative. Now he is fine, only mild sore throat and cold. But all is well. I had my corona tested and it was positive. But after 3 days it is gone. Yesterday I had a very faint line but today it is gone. My husband takes some paracetamol and decongestant pills. Also drink hot water and eat oranges. Drink ginger honey and warm water. So he recovered very quickly. Don't worry you will be fine just stay positive on it and don't stress. Had an appointment with my midwife on 31dec. And I was fine that day but the next day I got an infection. But now everything is fine. We will also pray for you and your wife and your child.🙏

Hi. Try not to worry. If the hospital know you have symptoms they’ll ask your wife to do a test which they send off themselves but it doesn’t come back instantly. It probably differs between each hospital but they told my partner if he was staying with me he couldn’t go out of our room and go and get anything to eat or stretch his legs or anything like that, he literally had to stay in the room with me the whole time until he wanted to go home. You obviously have your own bathroom and can bring snacks. He could also have ordered a takeaway if he was that hungry they said! It does depend what midwife you get as one let my partner go to the car quickly. Keep testing with LFTs daily and you might find it shows up negative by the time your wife is to be induced, then there’s no problem. I tested negative a couple of weeks after getting symptoms and a positive PCR. In the end it was all ok, they want Mum’s to have their birth partners with them so are as accommodating as possible. After the birth I stayed overnight and was given a private room off the ward which was nice, almost worth the Covid haha! Baby was perfectly fine too, no one was concerned with him having it or anything, it wasn’t really mentioned

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