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am i pregnant?

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hey i’m 110 days late for my cycle , i’ve taken a lot of pregnancy test which all have came back negative even the doctor said i wasn’t pregnant but i don’t really think i’m not pregnant here is one of my pregnancy test , my friend who was pregnant said she sees a fate line do you guys see one ?

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Wow 110 days late for your cycle, so it’s been over 3 months since you had a period?Are they often that irregular?

I would say if you were that far past your last cycle and you were pregnant you would have a more definite positive test by now.

If you’re actively trying to conceive I would go back to your GP to discuss your irregular cycles. There are tests they can do to determine if you are ovulating etc...

In this picture I don’t see a faint line I’m afraid.

Good luck on your journey x

no i’m not normally this late , my cycle is irregular but it hasn’t never been for this long

I'm sorry I don't see a line at all, perhaps it's worth speaking to your doctor again about your cycle not being regular and see if you can have some more investigation into what's delayed it so much.

I’m sorry but that’s negative. You would get a very obvious positive if you were pregnant by now and the doctor has confirmed that you aren’t so I’m sure they’ve done a blood test to come to that conclusion? I would go back to your doctor though as it sounds like it’s unusual for you to not have had a cycle by now and they will be able to start looking into things for you.

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hey this me , i got logged out my account no they didn’t do a blood test just the pee one

Have you been double vaccinated? I know many vaccinated women who's periods have been affected. Mine have been 2 weeks late and become heavier and I know some who's periods have stopped or become more painful etc etc. I deffo think there's a link between the vaccine and periods! If not, then could need some bloods done to rule out any other reasons xx

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hey , no i haven’t been vaccinated at all

I do not see any faint line I'm afraid, but I do think that you need to have a blood test and an ultrasound to know why your cycles are irregular. It would be better to go to your OBGYN rather than the GP (I know this from experience). Good luck with conceiving, you will get there!

My tests kept coming back negative I didn't find out I was pregnant until after 6 weeks pregnant so I would get yourself a second opinion will be worth seeing gynaecologist, get everything checked.

Sorry hun I don’t see anything but God is always working miracles. You know you body best; go get a second opinion from a doctor. Good luck

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