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Does the evaporation line turn colour?

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Hi so 8 days ago I did 2 Pregnancy test and the it turned Positive after the the 10 minutes. I did another test 7 days ago and it turned positive after 10 minutes and 1 day ago I did another test and it turned positive after 10 minutes. So is there a chance I could be pregnant or does the evap line always light up the positive line? All my tests are Clear Blue.

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In the UK pregnancy tests show a line in 3 minutes if they're positive. Are they 10 mins in Australia or are you waiting extra long?

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chooky1 in reply to Sunnyday33

No, they're the same in Aus, but im confused on why they're turning positive when it says online that the evaporation line in a grey colour

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Is it didn't appear in the test window, it will be an evaporation line, no matter what colour. Only a line within the time frame in the test instructions can be taken as a definite positive. Maybe test with a digital test to get confirmation.

You are probably very early on. The lower your hgc levels the lighter the line. I'd suggest going to the doctor to get tested if that keeps happening just so your sure trust me it's best to know as soon as possible

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Thank you and I will go to the doctors.

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