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Stopping progesterone

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Hi. For those pregnant via IVF when did you stop your progesterone? Week 12 or 13 or later? Thanks.

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Stopped it gradually during week 9-10 actually - Dr told me I could after scan at 8 weeks. It's nerve wracking, but totally fine!!

I stopped mine after out early scan around 8 weeks. I was terrified but all was fine. Good luck x

From week 10 reduced and further again on wk 11 so wk 12 completely stopped. Currently 22weeks xxx

I have just started to wean off the progesterone at 12 weeks. It feels strange to stop all the meds but so far so good xx

How did you wean off your medication? Xx

I was on 2 lubion progesterone injections per day so reduced to once per day for three days and then every other day for 3 days. Similar with the pessaries. You are just being asked to reduce your meds gradually. I bet all clinics have different weaning off plans. xx

Thank you. I’ve been told to go cold turkey but I think I’ll reduce slowly too. I have some meds left xx

They told me I could stop at 12 weeks but myself and the consultant agreed I would stop at 15 due to my anxiety! All was fine though x

Thanks everyone! The whole thing is just terrifying. I was told to reduce my dosage in week 13 and stop completely by week 14. I’ve run out of the meds I was taking (prontogest) and have switched to lubion. That adds to the anxiety!

How are things? All ok? Xxx

I went cold turkey week 11. You don't need it once your placenta has established. It was scary but your body just takes over and does what it is supposed to (for once!)

My clinic kept me going until 12 weeks with a tapered reduction after that. As I still had more meds than that in stock (and had had a bleed at 12 weeks) I tapered over an even longer period - until 16 weeks, reducing/spacing doses a little bit more every few days . The clinic said fine to do so.

I found this website advocating the benefits of progesterone an interesting read:

Currently 23 weeks and all seemingly fine!

Wk 12 I was told to stop but I reduced it daily as I was scared to do it (even though placenta takes over weeks9-10) so was completely finished by week 13 xx

We stopped after 7 week scan. The toddler is ruling the world now so all good. I think it all depends what your issues where with the fertility in the first place and clinics would make decisions based on that..

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