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UTI symptoms but negative test

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I’m 18 weeks pregnant. I have all my usual symptoms that I get at the start of a UTI but the doctors checked my urine which has come back normal. Not sure what to do as still have all the signs. Anyone else had this?

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What are your usual symptoms? If it's constantly needing to pee its probably just pregnancy, the bigger baby gets the less bladder space you have. The best tip I got from a friend was to lean forward when you pee to empty your bladder out as much as possible.

Yes I'm 30 weeks pregnant and also feeling unwell with some uti symptoms, only had traces in my urine we've put it down to a viral infection as now my daughter and husband have sore throats and runny noses too

Might be worth getting another sample checked if symptoms are persisting, sometimes I've had early dip tests come back clear but be positive a few days later. But agree it may be pregnancy pressure related rather than infection. Just make sure you drink as much as you can. Also any chance it could be something else like thrush or an sti as sometimes the symptoms can overlap.

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Thanks for replying. It’s more of a feeling I have in my tummy rather than when I go the toilet (it’s a sign I used to get that I hadn’t drank enough water). I’m not surprised I’m feeling this way. I have hyperemesis graviadum so have been struggling to keep fluids down. Trying to drink as much as I can manage currently but definitely a struggle

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Hope it settle soon. Other thing is constipation can be a big factor in pregnancy as well

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