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Too much fluid around baby??

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Hi I am carrying twin boys DCDA, and I went for my first growth scan at 24wks the sonographer told me one of my babies has a little extra fluid I was sent for an early GTT test came back normal.. Haven't heard anything else since. Was wondering if anyone has had the same experience? If so what was the diagnosis? Or what was the problem solution? Is this serious? Because I googled it and there were some pretty serious outcomes I’m starting to worry now will call midwife first thing!

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I had a mild case too, just a bit too much fluid at 32 weeks. Checked again at 34 weeks and was back in normal range. Unless they start calling it severe then don’t worry xx

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Thanks for the response, I wasn’t aware that the fluid could go away & I only started worrying because I did some research and you know google tells you the worst. I’m sure everything’s fine thanks for the reassurance x

I had it at 37 weeks, when I went back the next week is was in the normal range again - depends on the time of day too they told me and whether baby has wee’d yet or not. Try not to worry, as I remember google scared me to death!

I had a lot of fluid when they broke my waters & turned out I had a big baby too. Talk to your midwife

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