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Anxious about early pregnancy


Hi there, I’m 5 weeks + 2 and I’ve been getting a lot of twinges and aches and pains. I’m working from home so I have little distraction and am fast becoming obsessed with whether this is normal (as I keep reading) or not. I think it’s harder not being able to discuss this with anyone other than my husband because we don’t want to share until we are at least past 8 weeks if not 12. I’m 35 and this is my longed for first baby and pretty much everything scares me! Anyone have any advice?

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My only survival tactic is to tell a best friends. I knew I would want their support if anything went wrong and when I had a missed miscarriage in my first pregnancy I was so glad they knew and I didn't have to pretend I was ok when I wasn't and they drank wine with me and we talked about how rubbish it was.I went on to have a healthy pregnancy and am now pregnant again with my second and my best friends and my sister know already again this time too x

Hey, im going for my 12 week scan tomorrow. I've not had much in the way of symptoms all the way through but i did get lots of weird aches and pains in the early weeks, up until a few days before my 8 week scan. Strong muscle type pains low down if i moved too quickly and i remember spending a day in bed a few days before my scan, aching all down my right hand side which I'd been having for a few days. I was petrified but looking back I think it was just my body getting ready for big changes, there's a lot going on in there. I dont get them now, random achey legs or hips in bed and the odd twinge in my groin.Try and stay positive, and all the best for your scan xx

I am in the same boat hun now, only 4 weeks and bloating is such a big thing at the minute, overall I just feel generally achy am exhausted I know it’s so hard not to worry but just every week is a new mile stone... soo good luck ❤️ Oo and congratulations ❤️

Thank you everyone, I keep thinking about telling my mum/sister/BFF but I don’t want to jinx it and I’m almost scared to say it out loud! I’ve done like 8 tests just to make sure it’s still a BFP!!! Just trying to take it day by day and stay positive!!! Thanks again! xx

Telling them won't jinx it. Like someone else said, I told people that I would want to know if I miscarried. I think your three nominations sound perfect. My mother was the second person I told after my positive test. The only hesitation I would have is with her living on her own due to COVID that SHE wouldn't have anyone if I miscarried but she went through 3 herself and then had me so she's a strong lady.

Aww Pippa, didn’t want to read and run! From what I remember of early pregnancy there are lots of aches and pains. Hormones going on, plus your body is getting ready to grow a tiny human and things are moving. Have you been assigned a midwife yet? Would it be worth contacting them, just to put your mind at rest? I think there should be far more support than there is for early pregnancy, especially first time mums or even 2nd time mum’s who just forget from the first time! I don’t think I’ll remember next time and i only had baby 14 1/2 months ago! Hope you are ok, and feeling reassured xx

Hello Pippa! I'm 35 years old and 4 weeks 5 days today working from home too. I told my parents and 3 best friends but made it clear that we need to wait to 12 weeks to celebrate. They were very supportive and I feel less stressed and worried now after I told them. They don't keep asking questions but I know they are there for me. It helps with the moods and not feeling well without the need to explain myself. When I'm too nervous I go for an hour walk (no matter the weather) and that helps. Take care and don't worry it will all be fine 😊 ❤️

It is definitely normal! I remember first feeling aches and cramps, even a pulling/stretching sensation early on from about 4 up to 8/10 weeks. I think its connected with your uterus expanding and organs adapting. Occasionally i also had a pain in the right groin area. But now at 20 weeks none of that is happening, just a lot of kicking! I agree with the other ladies, i also told a selected few very early on as i felt myself suffocating with this secret. It has brought me a lot of relief to be able to confide in them and share my worries, even all of us knowing that it was too soon and anything could happen..

Thanks so much again everyone. I think I will tell my mum at the weekend but follow the advice of AMFB and tell them it’s under wraps to the rest of the world until 12 weeks have passed. I have my first Midwife appointment on 25th so just got 9 days to get through and hopefully I’ll feel a bit more reassured. I never thought I’d be so nervous but this forum and you lovely lot have reassured me so thank you!!! xx

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